Thursday, April 16, 2015

Unwind #WordsworthWednesday - Sight word Games and A list

I really like the hashtag #WordsworthWednesday. Why because its rhyming and we are going to talk all about words. If your kid is studying in India, they would have learnt most of the common words by the age of 6-7 years. But the question is did they learn with some logic, understood their phonics, origin of words or know all the family words. If your kid is studying in United States, English is the spoken language we assume our kids learn by natural. 

But living in Norway where kids are not introduced to English (approximately 80% of the kids)  until they are 5-6 years. So I was always imagining it would be a nightmare for Shravan. But kudos to his Montessori where he quickly learnt the alphabets and Phonics in less than 3 months. 

He loves reading books and we do it every night at least for 15 minutes. We love to cuddle under over quilt and read aloud. Now he has started slowly asking me where is "and" written or where is "the" written. And the next time such frequent words pops out he reads before me. So I understood its time for him to learn sight words first and make our reading time more fun. We in parallel do family words as well.

There are numerous ways through which we can make this interesting with kids. We shall explore these methods as we continue exploring sight words.

This week I shall highlight three such method and a list of A sight words

Popsicle Stick Sight Word Puzzles

Roll a Dice Sight Word

Muffin Tray Tic O Tac

A list


More words and methods every Wednesday.

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