Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What's in the name?

Ok...how many of you are going to agree what I say next? Well...as I mentioned in my previous post, we started thinking to name our evening one hour fun time to something we could relate to education, family time, homeschooling (only in the evenings), art and craft and WE ARE STILL REALLY THINKING!!!!! :(

We have a plan, we have even laid down a schedule for the next 1-2 weeks, we have identified what fantasize us now so we have our topics, we have decided how to record our fun time, how to relate everything around that one subject now....BUT we are finding hard time to decide a name for the series. Ok, when I mention we everywhere don't presume its my betterhalf in relationship its my betterhalf in height :)

So now you understand why i named this blogpost so :)

We could easily say what's in the name its all about what's in the content. Totally agree? I hear/see everybody chuckling YES or nodding your head. 

But tell me honestly how many of you get hooked to the name which raises your curiosity adrenaline and unconciously pushes your fingers to click on that link?. Agree again ? (I love all my friends here, you are just like me!!!!) So can we rephrase the blogpost header to Its all in the name!!!!!

You could have guessed it, I am just dragging time and space because until this moment before I am going to write the next few lines, I have not made my mind :(

Then I decided to sit back and think, is not having the name for the series we have planned (hahahah!!!! we are not even sure if we are going to do a series of post related to what we discussed in the previous post) is holding us from sharing the fun we are having?.Then i hear my soul screaming YES!!!! So we are back to square one - what's in the name? lets just type xyz series and start.

Hold on, I hear somebody else screaming from my inside: "Do what you do properly" (well excuse my translation skill, handsdown Google translate is the best :) ) as the quote goes in tamil "seyvana thiruntha sey". So we need a name. 

So lets do it or rather NAME IT!!!!!

Shravan likes LEGO, Animals(did i mention Jaguar from cartoon Deigo is his latest obsession, sometimes we go to Australia to visit Koala, sometimes to China to visit Pandas) Puzzles,(its just 4 days into his new kindergarten and he is already nicknamed the puzzleboy) Cartoons on Nick Junior (blame it on Canal digital subscription!!!!), Netflix, Youtube and exploring apps on iPhone (He selects an app, runs to either of us for password (ofcourse I have trained his brain to be selective and look for the word FREE when he searches), install, play and then the d-moment like it or not like it. Like it move it to the folder Shravan else just hold the app for few minutes and click the cross on upper right hand corner)

Keeping this big list in my small brain, I am thinking of "Let's Create" "Be right back Nick Jr" "Unwind"

What do you think? Could you relate them? Sounds crazy? Anybody has a better suggestion? (hehehe...I could have done this much earlier. having so many more creative minds around, I think I unnecessarily spent more time :)). But I think you need to put in the effort to realise how good you are at certain things by trying our best. Agree? (Thank you for agreeing to agree to most of the things. This is the final one for this blogpost) :) 

What did I finalise??????? Well stay tuned for the blog title in the next blogpost which will begin with this :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Exploring Subjects without textbooks

Another month to go whereby another year would have passed by and my little Prince shall no longer be categorized as a toddler or a pre-kindergartner. YES, I am a big boy now, a self-declaration by a small 5 year (soon to be though) old.

Now that I am super excited seeing my boy speaking 3 languages fluently, writing alphabets and numbers and living in the animal world (everything that we learn has to have an animal associated with it, be it math counting, a continent or something related to human body). I should really appreciate his knack of getting me explain him any logic with animal as the center of attraction.Its eventually puzzles and LEGOs that can keep him grounded on his feet for few 10 minutes or sometime even an hour. 

And did I mention kids of these age group ( or probably even lesser) are masters of apps be it android or iOS. His hands and brain works more faster than me...LOL :) He can get into Netflix in no time when I say his TV time is over or can please me to use YouTube to watch a rhymes/story and slowly start clicking related videos and finally land in his world of cartoon.

So all these gave me clues as to how to introduce new subjects and facts to him without letting him know that he is indeed learning lot of new things. And wait until the gaga moment when he uses or explains those new facts to somebody else.

I think its this particular age that their brain cells are highly activated, more welcoming to new facts and most of the information is sub-consciously well retained. No wonder they start so many subjects in such early in Indian education.

At the same time I didn't want him to be forced to start learning a heavy curriculum which could kind of hinder their left brain activity.

He has another one full year before he starts his first grade. But I really want his learning process a constant thing and introduce concepts before he could actually read them as chapters, do homework and take exams.

So here are my leads - puzzles, LEGOs, DIY, Apps and Animals. Aren't these good enough to use as medium to introduce any concept to a kindergartner?. I have decided to challenge myself, do some research on list of topics, frame a simple learning worksheet and most importantly make time everyday evening to have fun together!!! and secretly improve my basic general knowledge as well (hehehe...skip that line if you have already not read it)

and more than him its me how needs lot of motivation and the fire which hopefully should not be put off by the Stavanger rains....So I thought I will keep updating this little space of mine here with our progress and it might be useful to few of fellow friends as well :)

Then we decided to name this series of posts with some name to label it and not confuse few dedicated followers with our musings and ramblings. Oops!!! The challenge starts right here....