Friday, April 17, 2015

Unwind #ThursdayThrill - Solar System Part 1

So what next? ofcourse its Science. But being a kindergartner, Shravan still hasn`t heard or realised what he is learning is Science. I just tell him lets do Solar System or Lets do something in water or Lets play With magnets.

It really doesn't make any difference to him while learning about Canada or learning about Solar System. Because we follow the same pattern, loads of coloring, cut & paste, Puzzles, play With clay, legos, beads and so on.

First step, is creating interest to learn about something. Shravan saw this video I think almost 2 years back while learning rhymes and I am sure he still likes it. So start with this if you are going to introduce Solar system to your kid.

My obvious next search is for puzzles. Puzzles keeps him glued for sometime. Also I really like his technique of doing puzzles. First and Foremost, he always finishes it. Never gives up halfway, even if he does so, he always announce that it has to be left as it is and he will do the rest next day. His technique of filling a jigsaw puzzle is never random, he thinks a bit before putting a piece in its place. So I thought this playtime really helps him improve his concentration and spatial reasoning skill.

He has been doing this puzzle for almost an year now but somehow missed to click him doing. Will soon share a pic of the puzzle.

Try to get some posters and stick on their room. Seeing it everyday really helps. Try to print something catchy and colorful. Shravan has this in his room. 

Flash Cards are another option to learn more. We play swap the card, I have this, Who have this?, We keep inventing games every time or rather he invents most of the time :)

If you dont have a store bought one (We try DIY most of the time), check this PDF. Its free and fantanstic.

Let me save the craft work we did for the next post.

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