Sunday, August 26, 2012

Knowing Norwegian

Its almost 1 year and 3 months in Norway now. I like the place for its weather, people, neatness, calmness (oh yeah it sometimes really daunts :). In Kongsberg, When I am on my afternoon stroll with my curious George (hehehe!!!! its Shravan) who wants to stop and window shop every shop, who wants to stop and gaze at the people walking, who can throw a such a naughty smile on his face when somebody stops by to say hi to him, many elders amused by his walk,run,smile and non-stop talking stop by and start speaking to me in Norsk. I always presume they say "he is very cute", "such a lovely kid" etc.etc., but trust me till few days back I couldn't understand a word they speak. A give them back the same courteous smile and say "yeah!" sometimes and "tak!!!" sometimes (tak means thanks).   Imagine surviving in an European land with just "tak!" and my ever-confident English. 

But something was missing. I think the fun or pride to reply back to them in their language. The sense of belonging to a place was missing. But who cares, they can speak English very well the minute you respond back "I cant speak Norwegian, could you tell me in English". they are like "Oh!" and continue in English.It never hurt or made me sit back and think to really start learning the language.Well, there is another big reason as well. You apply for a job, then find your profile matching, call you to discuss and their very first question "Hi, how confident are you with Norwegian language?"...."ufffffffffffffffff".....gone!. What can I do with the the pride of being a good engineer, I can manage with English anywhere on the globe attitude.

So what else it could be now that my son is away for few hours?. Its time to explore the fun of learning a language. Did I say fun?.....well its really not fully fun...its fun, its more responsibility now, and many a times headache as well. I love this part...Making new friends, going out and having fun for few hours. What I don't like part...sitting in a place for 3 hours....What I hate - LISTEN,CONCENTRATE,STUDY and the worst of all HOMEWORK :(

The fun is going to continue for another month now. Do you want a sample....Jeg heter Anu. (My name is Anu). Jeg komer fra India. (I come from India). Jeg er en inginior.(I am an engineer). Jeg snakker Engelsk, Hindi og bitt lite Norsk. (I speak English, Hindi and little bit Norsk). Jeg kan ogsa skriv litt Norsk. (I can also write little Norsk).

Do you know....A is aaa in Norsk.E is a in Norsk.O is u in Norsk. Y is eeeeee in Norsk. I is e in Norsk. J is ya in Norsk and U is uuu in Norsk and you have 3 more alphabets.Now I hear you - "All the best Anu, Its really going to be fun".Ha det bra (Bye!!!!).

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ready for his Ride

Its 2 PM now....I have finished all my household activities. I am already done with my GYM. I have finished cooking lunch, evening snacks and even base work for dinner. Laid back in the couch with OLYMPICS in TV. So what you all feel....Oh! Anu, you lucky girl. You have so much time and looks relaxed. BTW where is your naughty handsome?. Sighs....My little brat is few blocks away me. Making new friends, Learning new things, Trying to be on his own, and playing all day. YES, cant believe my toddler is ready for his pre-school.

I miss his constant running around the house, trying to pull all "not to touch things", my screams "Shravan, don't do this, don't do that", the all-time quacking on the TV (He is glued to his Mr. Donald Duck Uncle these days, more dearer than mama and papa :( ), floor packed with building blocks and railway tracks, cooking something or the other for my poor eater with rich appetite, 

Its been a week now. I had taken a few time earlier to his pre-school as they have a open park to play for non-schoolers. He used to thoroughly enjoy the place. The ambiance, the colors, the toys, the cafeteria makes him feels like he is on his own fairytale land with his fairy god-mother watching and helping him all the time. So every time I kept telling him this is going to be his pre-school, he was always excited and ready to jump in and have fun. 

DAY 1: 8AM: Time to wake up. My lazy toddler is used to the luxury of extended night sleep till 10-10.30 AM in the morning. A tired tone inside the blanket calling "Amma, is night over? Daddy left to office? What have you prepared for me?". Then the snuggling, giggling and playing inside the blanket for next 15-20 minutes to freshen up for the busy day. But on day 1, we had to shake, squeeze and scream to bring him from his dreamland. He pretends as though he is very tired and says "Amma, I need to sleep more!!!". You can guess Mrs. Senti Mom's reaction (No marks for guessing...People who know me, know what would have happened :) ).  So things begin right from there. You can imagine the tough time we had brushing, pushing milk, bathing, dressing this lazy toddler in the next 1 hour. Oh yeah!!! You need to spare few minutes for him to catch up his Uncle Donald in TV. All said and done, Yes we are now ready for school. (With no breakfast!!!). 

10AM: Time to start.On mark, we reached his fairytale land. As usual he runs inside and starts to play and never bothered to wish good morning to all the kind ladies (his teachers) who came to wish him good morning and wanted to hug and kiss. So in the mean time we finished all our paper work and his dad was ready to leave to work. He sees him getting ready to leave "Pappa, you are going to office? Bye". So we assumed he is just doing fine and things will be the same when I leave. 

11AM: Time for Lunch. He never wanted to come inside and have food. All he wanted was just play, play and play. With great difficulty his teacher brings him inside. He gives one of his nasty look at her, screams at her, doesn't want her to hold him, doesn't want to sit in a place. So I step in trying to make him calm and feed something. He is still a little brat!. So, no Lunch  as well except for bites of pasta. 

11.30AM: Time to go out for play. The kids need to change their shoes, wear jackets, wear school reflector on top, hold hands with other kid, walk quietly and cautiously to the park. I dont want to change shoes. Its not cold, I dont want my sweaters, I dont like the reflector its orange in color, its big in size, I will not hold his hands, I dont want to walk, I want to run. Typical toddler!!!!. Kudos to his teacher trying her level best with such a soft tone and kind actions which did no magic on my kid :(.

12.00PM: What is generally a five minutes walk, ended in 15 minutes with him crying screaming all the time and his teacher not buying his sympathy just kept saying "shhhhhhhhhh" "shhhhhhhhhh" and "shhhhhhhhhh". We reached the park. He was a happy boy there. We played all the time with constant check whether I am still around. But he had a nice time. He made his teacher draw a big dinosaur in the sand, made another teacher run all through the ground playing "catch me if you can", went on a stroll around the entire length of the park, inspecting the place, seeing new things, building conversation with his teacher, walking quietly holding her hands.He did prove he can be nice and quite as well which gave me little hopes. 

1.30PM: Back to school. He was not all that bad. He did agree to wear his reflector seeing all the other kids wearing though constantly complaining its big for him (Oh my tiny toddler!! Its a one-size fit all types) and oh yeah he did agree to hold his friend Abhinav's hands this time. Both had a nice happy walk back to school playing with car names and car colors. I could see some smile on his teacher's face which made me feel comfortable that I am handing over to him in safe hands :)

2PM: Time for Fruits. Did I tell you, how choosey and finicky he is about fruits. He is not a good fruit eater. Once again, he didn't agree to sit with other kids and eat his fruit, he didn't want to wait for his turn, he didn't like the fruit they gave (Its Apples and he does like. But today its a big NO!!) , he didn't want them with skin, he didn't like the way they cut, but he managed to eat one piece sitting beside me, the hungry kid :). 

2.30PM: Time to go home.Taking him back home is even more challenging than taking him into school. My tummy is full, My mummy is around, My teacher is all smile at me, My fellow class mates are out playing with me trying to make some conversations (that's the really best part!!!! Engo-Norsk-Tamil style :)) I really care what is the time and where next?.

P:S. Its been 10 days now. Things have really changed. He is got hang of his routine. My boys leave home around 8.45AM with all smiles and my junior waves happily saying "mama, I will go and come, you study for your exam and come and pick me in the evening", then a tight HUG and soft kiss. Now tell me, which is more tough on moms....these sentiment bye's or those screaming bye's......whatever it is I Miss my Son so badly for those 5 hours :(.