Friday, April 24, 2015

Unwind #ThursdayThrill - Solar System Part 2

Welcome back to #ThursdayThrill. Last week we had an introduction to Solar System.

Lets start with some colors. Show them pictures of solar system where original colors are depicted so that it is easy for them to remember and help them distinguish planets faster.

If you have bigger kid who can do some simple math, this could be fun.

We made a Solar System Hat which involved cut+paste+color. So this really keeps the kid engaged for an hour or so and they really have a final product to play with.

Follow the hyperlink to get the step by step instruction.

If your kid loves play dough, making a solar system model using play dough could be really fun. Its not that complicated as they just have to make balls of different size in colors accordingly.

Or you can try this pom pom solar system mobile.

Bigger kids can try these worksheets and have a copy of these cool facts to learn more just beyond the names of the planet


Do google to find more facts about the planets. And we do flip around the book named "The Magic School Bus - Lost in the Solar System" at bedtime. Grab a book from your local library and allow the kids to flip through the pages.
Have fun in the space!!!!

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