Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kongsberg to Stavanger....An Inevitable Move

Its been almost 2 months since my previous blog. Nothing happened/inspired to write? or the very usual excuse from a home-maker - where is the time? saying this sitting in front of laptop for more than half of the time you are awake!

There is so much to say, so much to update, so much to plan for 2013 :) - the usual dialog'ah!!!!. Well, first and foremost lets sort this - Am I doing full justice to killingtimeinkongsberg blog right from the title?. Folks in Kongsberg and Stavanger know by now. K in Killingtime and Kongsberg blended well with my mood by then..but now its Stavanger. So does this need a title change?. Having a nomadic husband who loves to explore a new job profile every 2-3 years, I shouldnt have had "the so called place" in my title. But I was just wondering if its Stavanger what would it be right now....SoboringinStavanger?, but i guess you got my mood.

Now comes the much awaited comparison between a beautiful green lushful small town called Kongsberg and A City, beautiful in its own way, with more population, with more opportunities and less friends (as of now...Need to quote Ram's dailog here..."everything takes time"). Being groomed as a homemaker for the last 2 years now (Anu!! What? Is it going to be 2 years now that you left CTS? - I can hear many of you screaming ;)) my obvious inclanation leans towards Kongsberg. I could now easily relate myslef to so many sayings/proverbs - the grass is always more green the other side, you dont know the worth of something until you loose/miss them, Change is the only inevitable thing, so on and so forth.

Shravan's playschool, his godmothers - Gaby and Camilla, his school friends (he keeps rattling all their names now, I never knew he knew all his buddies names :( ), his local friends, his best pals next door - Amough and Gouri, ofcourse my best pal next door as well :), caring neighbours, an extended family of friends, his dearest friend, my dearest friend, the fun of going to playschool in less than 5 minutes, meeting Indian faces everyday, foods when cooked shared, the more joy when you bake something and share with neighbours (well I had an admirer who can say straight on my face, if she doesnt like it :) the cute little princess of kongsberg ;) ), the usual phrases "are you free this weekend, come for lunch/dinner", walking into the Mall and meeting almost half of the Indian crowd - OMG the list goes on!!!. Thank you all the families in Kongsberg who made us feel special, made us feel a part of big community, made us feel there are always friends to cherish and lean upon in need. You are all thoroughly missed!!!

So now you could have guess what we miss in Stavanger :). But every coin has two sides and so is our move to Stavanger. Its a City!!!! More places to hang out, More options while buying things (I have been to more than 5 Shopping Malls in less than a month), More opportunities to explore being a jobhunter, Much better weather, Airport is just around the corner (I know my little sis will be the happiest person to know more Olso to Kongsberg...2 hours of boring and tiring train journey), IKEA is less than 5 kms (I hear a grinn from all the kongsberg ladies) :). Having moved in winter, having no friends nearby, having a great obstacle of climbing up and down 100 stairs to reach home, having playschool 5kms away from home, Do you think anybody would like it?. But I making myself a firm believer of "even this will pass by" :)

Being a relucant change liker (8 years in you need any other proof :), everything looks gloomy to me. Its being a tough process - to transform oneself. Change is always for better - though known theoritically is taking its own sweet time to really get into you. I know for sure say one year down the lane, I will be talking in strong favours of the new place, new people i meet, new opportunities that i get, but still I am in transistional mood. "Comparison" though I never ever like to do is what I am doing all the time these days. This was good there, This is good here, I liked it there, I love this here - I think that is the first step in change, coming out of your comfort zone - DONE. Exploring new opportunities - ONGOING. Utilize/Exploit the change - TO BE DONE :)

But we are really greatful to 2-3 families here, who are making us feel more comfortable, who are helping us find/get more friends, who are making us realise - the change is for better!!!!.

P.S Until the transformation is complete and I get completely soaked in love with Stavanger, the blog title is not going for a change :)/

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Love Letter

LOVE-KISS-HUGS-WANT-MORE - All these FOUR words brings a smile not only outside but inside as well for every human being. Such a delicate subject. Such an important subject. Though cant be expressed fully needs to be communicated now and then. Writing is just one way of expressing the treasured love which latter by itself becomes a tressure. And I have decided to give one such cute little treassure to my dear son on mark of his third birthday which might bring more smile on his face when he reads it at his thirties.

Dearest Little Prince,

29.09.09 (looks like a fancy number ah!!!) seems just like yesterday, probably day before yesterday or a day before, but no its been 3 years now. TIDE FLYR!!!!(Oh yeah!!! its "time flies" in Norwegian :) ). I pinched myself a zillion times to realise this!!! but sometimes you drive us some damn crazy and makes us feel is it just three years now? oh god!! When he will be a big boy on his own!!. But trust me, its just that momemt-thought. You have been such a mischievous cute boy - me and your daddy cherish one or the other funny story behind every thing in the house, in every place around the city, with every person in the city because of your acts, brats and talks!!!!.

First year, you stole our hearts with your smile, then it was your stumbling walks and now its your nonstop talks. Your first birthday was really special to us like any other parents. It was such a joyous moment and we found/invented many reasons - star birthday, actual birthday, party birthday to celebrate and rejoice those momemts. Second birthday - its your dear aunt who made it more special by flying down to Norway tp visit you on your birthday. Now that the expectations have been set high, I decided to write this lovely note to you to mark your three year successful completion of being mischief, naughty, funny, deary and cute - all tripled :)

You are only three and you already have a very dear girlfriend and boyfriend. I really envy your love and affection towards them.It might sound little stupid when I say your dear friend Ms. A (identity not revealed :))) ) as girlfriend, but I guess she is still your best pal from the day 1 we landed in Norway. Both of you mention each other names everyday though you dont see other everyday, the excitement in your voices when we parents call each other to talk something, the smile in your face when dad takes his car to ride you to her place, the running and cuddling you guys do when you meet accidently while shopping or in some friend's place, the sad face when one of you are late for some party while the other is already there and totally ignoring the other kids, though you dont like pink ("mama its a girl color":) ) sometime you end up taking some pinky girly stuff from the shop just to irritate your dad and when we say "its pink and its only for girls" your smart way of tackling dad "its not for me, its for Ms A". Do you think your dad will still have a strict irritated face? not at all, your such a innocent reply melts his strict face to a smiley face :).

You know what (like you already say "vet du hva mama" in Norwegian) we were little stressed or worried parents when we thought "how will my kid manage 3 language at a time?". Your broke the ice by including another language to your curriculam :) yes you can speak little, and understand more of Kanada also. All because of your dear boyfriend Mr. A :). We were always thinking - being boys, you might fight, roll and crawl on each other while playing. You still do that but that softcorner you guys have for each other makes us feel that "oh boy!!! my boy already has a real friend!!!". Each of you get irritated or angry when your respective mama's scream or scold at their son, you guys dont like if somebody else hurts or shouts one of you, the other one scream on your behalf, makes both mamas forget the mistakes you had done. Love your friendship, love the way you guys converse - he asks something in tamil (learnt from you) to you for which you dont reply back in tamil but in kanada (learnt from him), love to see you both holding hands and walking, love to hear both of you scream each other name, love your secret conversations before launching some mischeivous action. Long live your friendship :).

I should mention your dear old friends as well here. your friends from 1940's :). Mr. Donald Duck. I was initially like, its ok if my son watch TV as long as they are rhymes and songs. But that one day where we accidently clicked on one of the Mr. Duck 5 minutes clipping not knowing that we are going to watch him quack quack and quack for the next few months all time :). You wake up with Mr. D, drink your milk with Mr.D and he is on pause until you finish your morning duties in bath, he eats breakfast with you, lunch with you, dinner with you :(. I have to tell "Uncle is tired of quacking, he needs some rest, so lets go to sleep for sometime" in the night to make you say half-heartedly say "bye donald duck". You know the stories by heart, you have your own favourites in the series, you love his nephews as well, his pets - chip and dale and ofcourse his girlfirend Ms. Daisy Duck :).

One fine day, a miracle happened!!!! You waved goodbye to Uncle and Aunty and invited new pets home :). The Awesome Threesome trio started from then on with Tom and Jerry :). You are a big fan of Jerry. According to you, daddy is dog (Mr. Spike), mommy is cat (Mr. Tom) and you are the little brat...oops rat (Mr. Jerry). I really love the way you say "daddy dog, mommy cat and I am Jerry", the clever you :). It happened to be your birthday theme as well - with T&J Invite, T&J cake, T&J decoration and T&J themed return gifts. You thoroughly enjoyed it :). So you have started to increase my suspense meter, god knows what for next birthday.

How can i forget to mention your indespensible part now - your "solv stuffen barnehage" :). I thought after your one week crying, not ready to go, not ready to eat, not ready to play will always cherish but your two months love and bonding with your play school, teachers and friends is bi-folding everyday. Its Gaby's and Camila's world of wonder for you. The magnetic attraction - as soon as you see either Gaby's or Camila's face in the morning, their smile, their open arms ready to throw a tight hug - makes us unlike poles and them like poles - you automatically get attracted to them and walk towards them waving at us without even looking back "ba bye mama" or "ba bye papa". I should really thank those two wonderful ladies who make feel so damn comfortable with the trust that I have handed over my kid to the next safest hand for the next few hours". You have given them the tightest hug, wettest kiss and cutest smile. I am jealous of you ladies for stealing my son for few hours everyday :(. Its not just during the day, your bonding, love and affection continues in the night as well, you dream them or rather talk to them aloud in the night as well. You have made even more friends now crossing borders all across the globe. You make us feel one proud parents when Gaby says "All kids want to play with Shravan", "I likes to play with the small as well with the bigger one". Keep up the spirit, spread happiness wherever you are and be nice and kind to everyone, my dear son :). You are already doing this know without the theortical knowledge (is it genetics ;)))) but share more happiness around.

When you have bring smile on some many faces, we are no exception. Though the very thought of you growing is very true, the motherhood in me or rather the parenthood wants us you to be cuddling, hugging and kissing mischievous little prince always :).

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Knowing Norwegian

Its almost 1 year and 3 months in Norway now. I like the place for its weather, people, neatness, calmness (oh yeah it sometimes really daunts :). In Kongsberg, When I am on my afternoon stroll with my curious George (hehehe!!!! its Shravan) who wants to stop and window shop every shop, who wants to stop and gaze at the people walking, who can throw a such a naughty smile on his face when somebody stops by to say hi to him, many elders amused by his walk,run,smile and non-stop talking stop by and start speaking to me in Norsk. I always presume they say "he is very cute", "such a lovely kid" etc.etc., but trust me till few days back I couldn't understand a word they speak. A give them back the same courteous smile and say "yeah!" sometimes and "tak!!!" sometimes (tak means thanks).   Imagine surviving in an European land with just "tak!" and my ever-confident English. 

But something was missing. I think the fun or pride to reply back to them in their language. The sense of belonging to a place was missing. But who cares, they can speak English very well the minute you respond back "I cant speak Norwegian, could you tell me in English". they are like "Oh!" and continue in English.It never hurt or made me sit back and think to really start learning the language.Well, there is another big reason as well. You apply for a job, then find your profile matching, call you to discuss and their very first question "Hi, how confident are you with Norwegian language?"...."ufffffffffffffffff".....gone!. What can I do with the the pride of being a good engineer, I can manage with English anywhere on the globe attitude.

So what else it could be now that my son is away for few hours?. Its time to explore the fun of learning a language. Did I say fun?.....well its really not fully fun...its fun, its more responsibility now, and many a times headache as well. I love this part...Making new friends, going out and having fun for few hours. What I don't like part...sitting in a place for 3 hours....What I hate - LISTEN,CONCENTRATE,STUDY and the worst of all HOMEWORK :(

The fun is going to continue for another month now. Do you want a sample....Jeg heter Anu. (My name is Anu). Jeg komer fra India. (I come from India). Jeg er en inginior.(I am an engineer). Jeg snakker Engelsk, Hindi og bitt lite Norsk. (I speak English, Hindi and little bit Norsk). Jeg kan ogsa skriv litt Norsk. (I can also write little Norsk).

Do you know....A is aaa in Norsk.E is a in Norsk.O is u in Norsk. Y is eeeeee in Norsk. I is e in Norsk. J is ya in Norsk and U is uuu in Norsk and you have 3 more alphabets.Now I hear you - "All the best Anu, Its really going to be fun".Ha det bra (Bye!!!!).

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ready for his Ride

Its 2 PM now....I have finished all my household activities. I am already done with my GYM. I have finished cooking lunch, evening snacks and even base work for dinner. Laid back in the couch with OLYMPICS in TV. So what you all feel....Oh! Anu, you lucky girl. You have so much time and looks relaxed. BTW where is your naughty handsome?. Sighs....My little brat is few blocks away me. Making new friends, Learning new things, Trying to be on his own, and playing all day. YES, cant believe my toddler is ready for his pre-school.

I miss his constant running around the house, trying to pull all "not to touch things", my screams "Shravan, don't do this, don't do that", the all-time quacking on the TV (He is glued to his Mr. Donald Duck Uncle these days, more dearer than mama and papa :( ), floor packed with building blocks and railway tracks, cooking something or the other for my poor eater with rich appetite, 

Its been a week now. I had taken a few time earlier to his pre-school as they have a open park to play for non-schoolers. He used to thoroughly enjoy the place. The ambiance, the colors, the toys, the cafeteria makes him feels like he is on his own fairytale land with his fairy god-mother watching and helping him all the time. So every time I kept telling him this is going to be his pre-school, he was always excited and ready to jump in and have fun. 

DAY 1: 8AM: Time to wake up. My lazy toddler is used to the luxury of extended night sleep till 10-10.30 AM in the morning. A tired tone inside the blanket calling "Amma, is night over? Daddy left to office? What have you prepared for me?". Then the snuggling, giggling and playing inside the blanket for next 15-20 minutes to freshen up for the busy day. But on day 1, we had to shake, squeeze and scream to bring him from his dreamland. He pretends as though he is very tired and says "Amma, I need to sleep more!!!". You can guess Mrs. Senti Mom's reaction (No marks for guessing...People who know me, know what would have happened :) ).  So things begin right from there. You can imagine the tough time we had brushing, pushing milk, bathing, dressing this lazy toddler in the next 1 hour. Oh yeah!!! You need to spare few minutes for him to catch up his Uncle Donald in TV. All said and done, Yes we are now ready for school. (With no breakfast!!!). 

10AM: Time to start.On mark, we reached his fairytale land. As usual he runs inside and starts to play and never bothered to wish good morning to all the kind ladies (his teachers) who came to wish him good morning and wanted to hug and kiss. So in the mean time we finished all our paper work and his dad was ready to leave to work. He sees him getting ready to leave "Pappa, you are going to office? Bye". So we assumed he is just doing fine and things will be the same when I leave. 

11AM: Time for Lunch. He never wanted to come inside and have food. All he wanted was just play, play and play. With great difficulty his teacher brings him inside. He gives one of his nasty look at her, screams at her, doesn't want her to hold him, doesn't want to sit in a place. So I step in trying to make him calm and feed something. He is still a little brat!. So, no Lunch  as well except for bites of pasta. 

11.30AM: Time to go out for play. The kids need to change their shoes, wear jackets, wear school reflector on top, hold hands with other kid, walk quietly and cautiously to the park. I dont want to change shoes. Its not cold, I dont want my sweaters, I dont like the reflector its orange in color, its big in size, I will not hold his hands, I dont want to walk, I want to run. Typical toddler!!!!. Kudos to his teacher trying her level best with such a soft tone and kind actions which did no magic on my kid :(.

12.00PM: What is generally a five minutes walk, ended in 15 minutes with him crying screaming all the time and his teacher not buying his sympathy just kept saying "shhhhhhhhhh" "shhhhhhhhhh" and "shhhhhhhhhh". We reached the park. He was a happy boy there. We played all the time with constant check whether I am still around. But he had a nice time. He made his teacher draw a big dinosaur in the sand, made another teacher run all through the ground playing "catch me if you can", went on a stroll around the entire length of the park, inspecting the place, seeing new things, building conversation with his teacher, walking quietly holding her hands.He did prove he can be nice and quite as well which gave me little hopes. 

1.30PM: Back to school. He was not all that bad. He did agree to wear his reflector seeing all the other kids wearing though constantly complaining its big for him (Oh my tiny toddler!! Its a one-size fit all types) and oh yeah he did agree to hold his friend Abhinav's hands this time. Both had a nice happy walk back to school playing with car names and car colors. I could see some smile on his teacher's face which made me feel comfortable that I am handing over to him in safe hands :)

2PM: Time for Fruits. Did I tell you, how choosey and finicky he is about fruits. He is not a good fruit eater. Once again, he didn't agree to sit with other kids and eat his fruit, he didn't want to wait for his turn, he didn't like the fruit they gave (Its Apples and he does like. But today its a big NO!!) , he didn't want them with skin, he didn't like the way they cut, but he managed to eat one piece sitting beside me, the hungry kid :). 

2.30PM: Time to go home.Taking him back home is even more challenging than taking him into school. My tummy is full, My mummy is around, My teacher is all smile at me, My fellow class mates are out playing with me trying to make some conversations (that's the really best part!!!! Engo-Norsk-Tamil style :)) I really care what is the time and where next?.

P:S. Its been 10 days now. Things have really changed. He is got hang of his routine. My boys leave home around 8.45AM with all smiles and my junior waves happily saying "mama, I will go and come, you study for your exam and come and pick me in the evening", then a tight HUG and soft kiss. Now tell me, which is more tough on moms....these sentiment bye's or those screaming bye's......whatever it is I Miss my Son so badly for those 5 hours :(.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bucketlist - An alarm to Sleepwalkers

Where to start?....Lets first talk about sleepwalkers and then come to bucketlist. You thought "Oh No!!! he/she is in the habit of getting up inbetween during unearthly hours in the night to take a stroll to the next room with eyes closed"? No, I didnt mean them though thats what it technically means. I am talking about the folks who do more or less the same during daytime. These are folks who are physically awake, but living in an unconscious state. Take a quick check

What is your life? - wake up (mostly late but have a poor alarm to complain always), freshen up, munch something, rush to work, be frantic or restless most of the time while at work, hurry home, again munch something, grab the remote and reserve a corner cozy seat in sofa, keeping surfing channels with your laptop cozily sitting on your lap, again surfing internet (I know we fellas are just awesome doing this particular multi-tasking), minds and hand racing each other (did you see one good programme fully? did you read one worthwhile article? did you say yes? come on!!! you are kidding me :) ), dinner time and bed time. So what did you really do today other than your routine?.

I heard you, "No time" right!!!! We are the sleepwalkers :))) busy running all through the day, weeks, months and years to win the rat race. Life is just in "Auto-pilot" mode. By saying "no time" we mean we are all very busy, very busy doing nothing beyond the routine. people who say "no time" when asked "why no time" will reply back spontaneously "definitely next time".

Ok, let me know ask you another simple question "are you really happy with your routines?". "Oh yeah! I love it and I am ready to do the same for my rest of the life". I know, no votes for this. Just sit back and think for few minutes, what is your passion? what new hobby you want to persue? what sport who want to play during weekends? when are your planning to finish your still bookmarked book? when did you really take a "real vacation"?. When did you watch a movie in theatre lately? Are all these things happening along with your routine? "Yes"...."Is it, then my friend, you are not a sleepwalker".

But I heard most of you saying "I really really want to do all of these". Yes, here comes our bucketlist :). Nah.Nah!!!! It is similar to goals but not. Goals are more professional, specific to industry, time bound, measured. Here I am talking about "Life as a bigger picture". "Life with motivation". "Life is fun". "Life has a purpose".

They are the dreams you want to fulfill and life experiences you desire to experience before you die along with your goals. Bucketlist can have a crazy thought, a random thought, a nice feeling, make others feel nice - It gives a human touch to your remote controlled life.

Doesnt these words sparkle smile in your eyes?. Make you feel young?. Make you think "ok, come on!!! let me think what I want to do".?

So this is what I did, took few days to realise about what I day-dream (I am not disturbing your fairytale night dreams where you take full revenge of your boss to recharge for the next day) frequently, what is that one thought that keeps tickling my brain nerves (ok ok, I do have a lttle one), which thought/place/person brings smile on my face, what activity makes me young/energtic/lively.

Here I come with 25 things (First it was 10, then it became 20 and finally finished with 25) that immediately popped out of my mind. (Oh yeah, these days...sometimes...I really feel...I am out of mind :) )

1) My little dumpling is turning three (how time flies) this september. I wanna give him a really nice birthday surprise - Plan A to Z thoroughly, add as much as possible - a personnel touch to everything - including baking the cake :). Most of you know what cake he wants :)

2) Everyday should be "god morgen" and Every night should be "god natt" - you got it. Learn Norwegian language.

3) Norway and no Northern Lights? - See northern lights.

4) Advertise, Hard work, creativity, (little money :) ) - Dedicate more time for Anuhya Jewelry.

5) Explore Vegetarian cooking across all the countries - collect the recipes, cook, find some guinea friends, click and blog - Oh no, not another blogsite. But yes a good food blog with a different essence.

6) Visit all the 45 countries in Europe - Covered Norway, Denmark, Italy, Paris and Vatican City already. Spain and Switzerland land are on cards for this year.

7) Do Skiing - with so much of snow for so much of time :))

8) Oh yeah, first learn swimming

9) Do some wildlife photography. First, upgarde from Auto mode :)

10) Watch all the movies in "IMDB top 250 movies".

11) Work on my paper store. I know my partner is waiting :)

12) See the pyramids in Eygpt

13) Snorkling in Australia

14) Volunteer/start a small NGO types to help/contribute for the people in need.

15) Atleast one really thrilling roller coaster ride every year - done for 2012 in Tivolli, Demark. But
KINGDA KA in 2006 was the best.

16) Do my own interior for my dream home

17) Walk the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in Peru

18) Meet Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

19) Do active trading atleast 2 days a week - To be educated about finance, trading, business etc etc

20) Over night stay in Amazon forest

21) Do atleast one professional certification every year.  Wish me good luck for PRINCE2 planned this year.

22) Hike a mountain

23) How did I forget books - Read all Pulitzer Prize won non-fiction books and Man Booker Prize won books.

24) Buy one good electronic gadget every year - 2012 - Canon 550D, Kindle, HTC Desire ;)) All sponsered by Ram. You all know I am jobless for the last 18 months. (I heard you, being jobless why so much gadgets?...My answer "because I am jobless").

25) Write more frequently on killingtimeinkongsberg

I know I would have crossed half of your minds already. Is there anything else more interesting on your bucketlist? - I am all ears to hear. Please list them in the comment section below (not on facebook'ah, I am losing all your replies as time flies and older posts gets dumped.)

Add some spice to your life :) Happy Blogging.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Satyamev Jayate - The Baby is growing

The whole Indian Community is still in Shock seeing the cruel reality of female foeticide happening around us and the Satyamev Jayate team has taken one more earth-shattering episode on children. Its like earthquake followed by Tsunami :(. We always relate kids to Baghvan, Parri, Maasum, Shararat, Hasna and what not. But I guess its not how everybody feels. The show featured some Demons who dont think the same way.  This time its about Child Abuse.

Once again, the statistics the team has gathered - nobody could have ever guessed!!!!! it means every other kid in one way or the other is abused. Parents, its time to be really alert and educate our children. So what comes to anybody's mind when we say child abuse - its always the girls who will be victimised. We are wrong here again, Boys are victims too, infact more than girls.

Hats off to the four really courageous youth who came forward to share the trauma they experienced which none of us could have ever imagined. How much they could have been physically and mentally shattered in that small age where they are yet to see the whole new world outside. But all four of them have really come out of it now with their will-power and maturity. There still could be some youth around, who could have underwent something like this but feels shattered and lifeless, this show is more than an alarm/wake up call for them. Its a tonic. Its time to come out of it, face the reality and enjoy the challenges and change your life forever.

It sounds really stupid or not so worth to discuss why at first place people go for child abuse. That to not with any strange kid, in every case its somehow or the other either relatives, friends or neighbours which means its like their own kids. Its not just shattering them physically, mentally but you are unscruplously mis-using the trust you have gained on that little heart and people around. Dont they get this feeling - what if something like this happens to my kid?.

There are demons and evils around everywhere. Protecting the child from all forms of evils - the parents due responsibility all through their life. To start with, educate the kids. Dont think there are just kids - they wont understand, they shouldnt know all things - there are good ways to communicate good messages to them so that they can distinguish good from bad. Never underestimate their thinking and mental strength. After seeing this episode, imagine the mental agony of the kids when they could have undergone such abuses. Had you talked to them about this from their very early ages - they would have known that this bad at the very first momemt/touch. They wouldnt have been scared to come and talk to you about this because you were afterall their guru who had explained what do something like this happens. They could well much more secured and protected. The workshop was just amazing!!!!! Thanks to the doctors and team to demonstrate this in such a fun and educative manner. A must watch for every kid along with their parents.

Spoken enough about the emotional part of the episode, as the team pointed out - WE still dont have a law to enforce child abuse as crime and punish. We know how the ugly side of human being reacts or does things even though there are strict laws. It had taken 10 years for the first case to pass through. Lets once again be with Aamir and help him/support him to ensure the parliment passes the bill soon and lets pray that the punishment be really hard so that seeing that nobody gets the guts to play with kids like that.

Adding Music to Emotions - the team knows all the good tactics I should say. The last 5 minutes is the really best part of the show. The Music, the lyrics, the tone, the ambiance - they really take you through the truama the kids had gone through. Its makes you feel, think and act.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Satyameva Jeyate - Female Foeticide

Did India experience an earthquake on 6th May evening?. The ripple effect of the really actual talk show "Satyameva Jeyate" hosted by all time favorite Aamir Khan had the same impact while watching.Here is a real superstar who can make you glue to your screen, subject whatsoever it maybe. His intellectual bent of mind going after sensible cinema has continued to small screen as well. Though a team effort, it was a one-man show.Although Aamir is a superstar, he doesnt dominate the show.Aamir is letting his guests speak and he, listens.  A talk show that makes people listen for the first time. Its more of listening and provoke thinking rather than talking and concluding. Aamir has proved that he is not only an ace actor but also a better journalist and above all a very good human being.

A talk show, hosted by a celebrity - We can infer the immediate reaction of any aam Indian face. Their next obvious question is - who is the other bollywood celebrity invited to share their so called cinema chemistry, behind the scenes, ractifying the rumours, gossip ghalata and what not.  The nation, so drowned in trivial sitcoms, ‘reality’ shows and talk shows that can put street cockfights to shame, seems to be finally experiencing self-awakening moments.

Aamir has done the "break the rules" concept here again. He has taken (or rather taking) really serious subject happening in every town and village in India. Oh hold on, I am not talking about Corruption. I am not talking about scandals. I am not talking about gang rape. I am not talking about polictics as well. Its female foeticide. When most of the media is lost in covering upfront footages and reports on politicals scandals, Bollywood gossips and other absolutely not worth the news next day type, Aamir has taken a leap front to showcase how to use media to educate or enlight or influence an aam Indian about some of the very serious issues happening around us. The team has done an execellent research and detailed study on the issue. Their statistics are not just numbers, it makes you sit back and think. Their rootcause, how they enroute, their consequences everything was explained crystal clear by bringing the real life people who had experienced this trauma.

Here in some metropolitan city and in some rural towns, we are talking about Women empowerment, and Women entrepreneur and there in some remote village and even in cities - people are eliminating female foetuses. The one and only reason being - husbands and inlaws demanding "mere ko beta chaye". We all knew its still happening in some nook and corner of India, where poverty overrules everything and where illiteracy is at its peak. But the one hour heart overwhelming show showcased a really more horrid and other side of our assumptions.

The hand chosen people to share their darker side of life, how their ignorance was misused, how their emotional or sentimental well-being was taken for a toss, later how their will power and motherly affection overcame all these cannot be explained or showcased any better.  A talk show where every affected individual came foreward to share their darker side to brighten India became a celebrity!!!!! Bringing a doctor as a victim of this harasement showed how weak and emotional women are when it comes to family sentiments and how the same women  can go way forward to fight for the live of her adorable girl twins was the turning point of the show. 

D.O.C.T.O.R.S - there are ways to earn money!!!! But definitely not by killing the foetus, not by killing the mother in a woman, not by killing the trust with which she comes to you, not by killing your professional ethics. You are also an human being at the end of the day. You have all the rights, pleasure and blessings to bring a beautiful human being into this world, but not to end their journey mercilessly!!!!.

How technology is mercilessly being misused. Sonogram and Ultrasound - people thought it would be a medical miracle to know the well-being of the foetus and to ensure they have a safe 9 months in the mother's womb. The inventers would have never even imagined this could be used for such a shamefull income. Well, like all pros and cons - its the human's evil side taking advantage of these technologies.

So now knowing, where it happens, to whom it happens, by whom it happens, why it happens and how it happens - What should Happen now???

Awareness - ‘Satyameva Jayate’ aims at creating awareness and I think with this show, Aamir and his team has reached 80-85% of Indian minds. Awareness is there. so whats that little baby step everybody takes towards saving these little girl babies?. Like Aamir mentioned, it cannot be concluded but everybody needs to work towards the conclusion. I hope his letter to the Rajasthan government to setup a fast-track court to punish the victimized doctors happen soon and I already see that today Rajasthan government has announced that they will install ultra sound tracking technology device called 'silent observer' (SIOB) at all the sonography centres in the district to control sex selection and female feticide. Lets see how much this helps and hope it doesnt become another scandal :(. Its in the hands of all fellow husband and father-to-be  as well - wont you dream of another beautiful woman in the world just like your wife by your wife? and you be a proud father one day :)

With Mother's day just gone yesterday lets hope many more women rejoice Mother's day next year being Mother of a proud daughter.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

India 2012 - Scorching Sun and Haunting Power Cuts

Now you all know WHERE & WHY I abscond!!!! Just back from 9 full weeks of break from routine and its been already 3 weeks in Kongsberg and I am still struggling to get back to my routine. I have finally decided to!!! its then when it lazy mom at home do you have anything worth as a good routine other than running around shravan? Now what should I answer...If its yes - no I dont think so...what was long planned on 31st dec is still on paper/mind only..If its no - come on cooking, cleaning and chatting with folks - is this worth to call a routine???

It was -10 degrees on the day we left Kongsberg and it had been quite sometime we saw sunshine. Even to walk to the nearest grocery shop you need an extra 30 mins to wrap and unwrap the special clothing accessories. Being an all day wanderer, imagine you get only a glimpse of a day!!! So what more could be more rewarding than a vacation to India - the land of hot sun in Jan, hotter sun in Feb and the hottest in March :)

The very thought of being away from family, with not so many kids to play around, the most unforbidding weather most of the times and I being the lone companion for my son, I always had this fear of whether he might become a quite person, a docile dumpling and not so talkative like his parents :)) But Shravan broke all these myths right from day 1 of his vacation.

Weather - Jan weather was not so bad. Morning and Evening weather were still very refreshing (at least for us who have not seen sun, sunshine, hot breeze,daylight, etc). Afternoons - yes It was hot but not worth complaining being a chennai girl :). As days passed by, temperature sore high. All was Well until they increased the power cut from 1 to 2 hours every day. And you know what I started happening from the very next day Ram packed his bags to Kongsberg. The Lucky Chap!!!!

Neighbours & Relatives - I think Shravan learnt, understood, tortured and thoroughly enjoyed this magical term while there. I love India for this. Even while in US, I had never known who my neighbours were. The same continued here as well except for one sweet lady upstairs here who claims my naughty junior as her proud grandson :). Back In India - Shravan was pampered by atleast 10 families around in both his grandparents place. He thoroughly enjoyed walking into very house (Oh yeah!!! the doors are always open) with very minimal clothing (escape the winter, escape from being wrapped) and demending whatever he wanted from their place - be it food, toys or their kids to play :)). Well he has made a lot of friends now with "Age No Bar". He did visit all his cousins as well. He never knew he had some many brothers and a darling sister ;)). (Come on, no blame on the parents, he was hardly 1.5 years when he came to Kongsberg.Too Young an age to remember so many people :))

Outings - So back there, its not that planned outing like how we do here. We were out everyday and we enjoyed every moment of it. The first one was to the crocodile bank. 1.5 hours travel was worth while. Shravan had a ghala time. He was amazed by their size, their numbers and the way they open their mouth and sleep. I was equally enjoying as I got to explore my new canon without gloves :). More in detail on Howz My Click. Most of the weekends were dedicated to beaches. I love water and you know what,  my son hates atleast as of now. I think he is little scared rather than saying hates. You ask him "can we go to beach?" his immediate response would be "no no thanni bayam" in typical thenali kamal syle. But other than the water, he enjoys the ride, the corn cup, the kulfi, the cool breeze, the kites and ofcourse to get spoiled in sand from head to toe. A day trip to Zoo was another place which he thoroughly enjoyed. The way he mimics the monkeys (well taught Sudha :)), how he corrected my dad when he pointed to Hornbill and said  Pigeon "thatha edhu pigeon ella Hornbill, Simbha (he meant the LionKing) varum", his enjoyment on seeing elephant's taking bath in turns (well, thats the summer attraction this year), bears (oh yeah, they have a dozen now in our Vandalur Zoo) fighting, mocking and playing with each other, but ofcourse he was very disappointed as Simbha didnt speak to him :)).

Temples - I never knew Shravan had so much craze for temples and gods. Temple ride excites him more than anything else and that too if its a bike ride, its a double bonanza!!!! We visited almost every temple in the local - dont misjudge the chennai city, we covered more than 2-3 dozen temples :)) and we still had a big wishlist pending :(. Me and Ram like going to temple on occassions and festivals, but Shravan needs a daily visit. Now I know Genes is not herditary :))

Shopping - Vacation is incomplete without this!!!! The whole purpose of India visit is to refuel energy, groceries and other household stuffs isnt'it. Grocery shopping started from end of first visit with essentials and went on till last day with add ons and it added so much that I had to courier all the extra 20 kgs add ons :)). I did a leisurely shopping to most of the book-stores and added a nice collection to my bookshelf :)). My craze to start a food blog is still hanging in my head but I have bought a nice collection of bowls this time. A trip to Parry's corner around 12PM in the afternoon without umbrella, without even a space to put your full feet down and walk, with shravan hanging around my waist in so much of energy and interest as he knew we are heading to the bead shop where he can play with all the colors on earth :). Ofcourse, I refilled my paint boxes and its accessories.

Shravan is thoroughly spoiled by his pampering grandparents, "anything anytime for you darling" aunty dear Sudha, Ready to teach "What not to do" Uncle Aravind, Always available to play with you neighours. Thank you all for adding more tension to us here :))). Oh yeah, he has become a chatterbox as well. Always ready to load atleast 5-6 questions on every topic/instruction/advice we do. I am sure I am going to have another exciting 4 months until my junior starts his school :)))
With so much happening around in bits and pieces all through the day, 9 weeks was nothing more other than to sit back and rejoice for another 9 months (until the next vacation :)).

Bharat Matha Ki Jai (I know its little too much, But thought this little extra masala will add more spice to the curry above ;))

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Celebrating Women's Day

What Kindles one to right an interesting blog??? Mood? Ocassion? Free Time?. I always have mood to read and write but blame "no free time" as a reason for not doing so.(hahaha talking like an intellectual aah :) ) But when I get free time, I sit back and think "do I have anything else more important to do rather than reading and writing?" crazy mind wanders and reaches Shravan's mind :). With so many Happy days around - Valentines day, women's day, mother's day, father's day (not bad aah!!! I have typed them in right sequence I guess, probably another silly stupid question for Crorepathi ;)) Initially I plan to do something interesting every year, then as the real day starts - as the regular household chores unfolds - what happy Valentines's day/women's day/mother's day - everyday is special (another usual response for not doing anything special ;)

To all my fellow friends - Wishing you all a Happy Women's day (I am sure many like me think - I am still a girl, what women's day - well!!!! thats the first sign of being a Woman :) )

Its still looks like Yesterday - Bunking afternoon training session in CTS on Women's day to catch up "Saathiya" in Satyam with all the so-called very polite,calm,non-talkative girl's gang of batch168 :)))) - Its been 9 years now :((. 10 years of transformation  from Girl's Gang to Women's World. What a ride!!!!!!
How many unknowing or unassuming roles we get to play - from just being a girl-friend to someone, a true love to someone, a caring mother to someone, a responsible daughter to parents, an even more responsible daughter-in-law to parents-in-law, a good leader to fellow team members and still be a good friend to all your girl friends with same transformation. every role is challenging and demanding in its own way. Its not like I will be a good mom today, a good daughter tomorrow and a good boss this year in office - YOU are expected to be good(or rather too good) always in all these roles - Too much of an expectation' nah!!! Still every girl outshines these responsibilities in their own style - thats Womenhood - there is no strict rules or steps to follow to be good in each role - how she understands people, how she reacts to people, how she manage crisis, how she responds to complaints, how she handles problems, how she nurtures her kids,how she be a true love to her (Lazy) beloved one - Peak of multi-personality and multi-tasking.

So now you have a special day - how do you celebrate this day to rejoice the forthcoming years. Well, firstly what do you expect on this special day - a wish from all the men in your life - Dad - too old, doesnt know he has to wish. Hubby dear - too forgetful to remember such dates or too busy it just didnt strike. darling son - too much to expect from a two year old. But its not surprising - your mom is the first one to wish you - happy women's day dear - you have a long way to go. your sister is the next - happy women's day sister. Enjoy the hurdles and troubles I am still enjoying my girlhood. all your girl friends - message, call, ping, update status. So are men jealous of women and hence not part of celebration? are men too busy to remember or too forgetful to not to remember such simple things? are men not responsive/reactive to such celelbration? An ever living Mystery!!!!! This being the situation around - Do I really need to talk about gifts and treats?

But what surprises me is how the media celebrates this special day. You open up a newspaper - you see some company or the other wishing "Happy Women's day". Its not just that they wish (your first wish of getting wished gets fulfilled ;)), they give you offers, discounts, sales -  a reason to buy a gift (see!!! your second wish of getting gifted is not very far now :) ) and when the same thing is done by a eatry - your last wish is also fulfilled (All women needs some or the other reason to escape from kitchen ;)). Now If I show this to Ram - can you guess how he will respond? 1) Oh dear, sorry forgot to wish, Happy Women's day darling 2) Hey you want to check out this sale? 3) Need a break from cooking - you want to try this cousine? 4) See the paper, so much of marketing using some stupid celebration. No marks, No applause for Guessing!!!. But I simply adore his answering skills - 1) Do I really need to explictly wish you? - I am wishing and celebrating on your behalf every moment of us 2) Do I see price and get you things - anything you like anytime. You really dont have to see the price, just see that you like it ;) 3) Lets try this resturant for dinner, but btw whats for lunch - cook something interesting nah 4) YaYaYaYa!!!!!

Now lets switch on the TV. HBO, Star Movies had back to back movies in which the Lady Lead was the star. I thoroughly enjoyed this, this year!!!! Amelia, Sister Act, Tangled. Back to back songs appreciating womehood in all music channels. To watch Amelia was on my list for a long time now - Its a real time story of Amelia Erthert -  First woman Pilot.How she started, how much she accomplished, how much she was used by people and media, how she got lost over the pacific -  A must watch!!!. Well you all think I enjoyed doing this all day - nah nah - Now that My second man in Life (busy in other end of the golbe) my first man in duty - daddy dear took up his role. What a boring movie, give me the remote - I need to check the score, I need to watch Crorepathi (He is really enthrilled to watch this program, He has the answer for all the questions even before the choices are given - a reason for men to celebrate his knowledge!!!). My new man in life is equally challenging and demanding to handle!!! - "Amma, Pogo podu chotta bheem pakanum".

So like all day another day ended up with a big list of complaints and cribbings. But still how women celebrate this day - they remember what they cribbed about every year!!!

Interestingly read a phrase "Women raise the bar" outside the leather Bar Lounge in The Park Hotel. True Indeed!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Listening a book?

As promised myself to read more this year, I did some good homework in choosing what to read, when to read and with the evolving technologies and gadgets - how to read :). So what is the first step - No pat for guessing :) - Its of course goggling. But it was a lot of goggling this time. Went through most of the known websites to catch up with the trending fiction and non-fiction best sellers. I had made a list sometime back on this, but as usual missed it. So took sometime and prepared another detailed list of bestsellers over the last 10 years( I think I covered 10 years :) ). I love my list and know what to search in Landmark and Crossword this vacation. 

Oh yeah, you know what - Chennai 35th Book Fair is going on!!!!! I think I have not missed this for last few years and will not this time as well :). I think I should have always plan my vacation in Jan. I have my two best buddies - My hubby and sister to accompany me who always keep an eye on the nearest exit waiting for me to say "I am done. Shall we go??? which happens after 2-3 hours on entry and their inquiry "Are you done? Shall we go??? " from the very 10-15 minutes after the entry :). This time is going to be special - Its Shravan's first Book Fair :)

I generally read a lot of non-fiction that unfolds more like a fiction and fiction as well. This time I have added a new genre to my reading list - its Cookery and Stock Market. Well, Stock Market is not something really new from the scratch - I already have two very good books. But I have compiled and saved the list of another set of books which I could buy as and when I find them in bookstores. The need/fun to explore new gravies, venture into egg less baking, satisfy my son's international appetite, learn thoroughly the authentic South-Indian cooking - food blogs was my first stop and was re-directed to books next. So stopping by Cookery section is something new I am going to do in bookstores this time.

Now I have recovered from my total ignorance of what was happening in the reading world, I am in Bliss :). But you know nobody can live in this state for a longer time :(. I adore reading books and Shravan adore tearing books - well I cant buy bound books like his :(. So how do I really safeguard my treasure knowing he is an expert in treasure hunt? Goggle again :) - I have an eye or rather ears for Audiobooks now. Reminds me to use my iTouch more. Running behind Shravan all the time and he running around house to explore new things(including finding things hidden everywhere) I thought Audiobooks would be a good choice. Well nothing can par with reading a book, feeling the grip in hand,smelling the aroma of paper,sense of owning a treasure.But I thought its time to move on to explore and be par with the technology world.  Listening to somebody reading a book for you? - actually thrills me and that too when its the author him/her self. You don't have to imagine/think his/her state of mind while writing because its loud and clear from his/her tone and modulations. A change from listening to songs all the time? - Another bliss :). 

Goggle again - for what this time? I cant afford as of now :( (First, I want to explore more Second, I am still living on my savings ;) ). So a lot of research on free audiobooks sites. I have another comprehend list now :). You don't want to pay? You don't get the latest.  Its that simple. But its okay, I go with the saying - learning is an ocean and I am ok as long as a learn/read (I should say listen :) I guess I will slowly get the hang of it) something new from the book.Another Goggle to find some good audiobooks. So now I am listening to a book. 

I have another update w.r.t my reading resolution - More on Next about my "glorying grey Kindle". Audiobooks - Yes I know my ABC's now. Its eBooks next :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Rewind Twenty Eleven.....a nostalgic flashback of another memorable year

Its already 6th Jan 2012???. Same day Last year...I took a temp break from work (assuming I will restart again early 2012...but I guess its become an extended break now...I still have few months :) ) and same day Eight years ago....I joined Cognizant. Did I really wait for 6 Jan 2012 to write this blog to add another accidently 6th Jan....So which was more fun : 8 years of work or 1 year of fun???? I lean towards the latter. The timing just happened. I took a small break from my regular routine professional life to spend some qualitive time with Shravan and to unfold myself. But did I miss anything in the last year??? Yes, My Friends :))) It definitely was 8 years of work with fun :). My bacth-mates (we were batch 168 with 16 guys and 8 me 8 gals together were more terror and power than 16 guys :), My first account team-mates, my onshore counterparts, my managers and supervisors, my fellow team members - each and everyone have a special place in my heart. Missed call to my bus mate to hold the bus everyday morning (the lazy me!!!), breakfast bites to catch up previous nite activities(books, movies, music!!!!), extended coffee breaks with best pals to crib/rant about supervisors and team members, gossips over the lunch, catch up with my favorite book during my bus travel, etc etc....makes me nostalgic.

2011.....The entire world started spinning around Shravan as he became a perfect mama boy :)) What 100 or 1000 friends could do...he did it all alone :))) Made me laugh, cry, taught me patience, gave me a new routine, introduced me to new hobbies - watching cartoon movies and ryhmes, made me emotionally strong, kindled the child in me, what more can you expect for a two year old boy :)))

Where did I exceed my expectation ???? - Baby sitting - I never thought I would be able to manage Shravan 24*7 all alone (A sudden home maker in an alien land) - but now we have become indespensible. Persuing Passion - I really got some quality time to try my hands in painting and craft. Everytime I finish a painting, shravan "amma super painting" it meant more than a client feedback for a flawless deliverable.

Where did I lost my concentration???? Reading took a big hit :(((. Being an avid reader, dont I sound crazy if I tell you I didnt finish a single book. How did I lose my aroma for papers???? :(( Oh yeah, I did a lot of ABCs and 123s with Shravan though. Online trading - that was the plan B when I quit. I shall atleast do 2-3 hours of early morning trading. But I am yet to reset my password :((.

What is new in my plate??? - Photography,International Cuisines and Blogging. New Camera and my Photo blogs are my first baby steps. I am working on my food blog - Want to add more spice to it rather than the usual spices. Lets see how I do and will I really do :)) Blogging - you guys know!!!! Its become more like a my status report :)))

I became a Movie Buff!!! - (Was I always One???) covered most of 2010/2011 Kollywood and Bollywood. I loved Vinnaithandi Varuvaya and Zindagi Na Milage Dhubara. Liked the Mankatha plot. Nice concept on 7am Arivu, but something was lacking in it...good songs???. Like many people out there, me and shravan enjoyed Chamak Chalo and Why this Kolavari di. I loved Kalvare from Raavan, Yenamo Yetho from Ko (Nostalgic trip to Bergen in 2008) and Tere Mere from Bodygaurd. Hollywood Torrents are still being downloaded.

My Travelouge - A Quick trip to Pondy in Jan to catch up with my best friend Maddy and introduce our juniors to each other :). A holy trip to Tirupathi in March on the eve on my parents wedding anniversary to do the traditional head shave for Shravan. A shift over in base camp from Chennai to Norway happened in late May. September was the month of travel - went to Sandvika and Oslo in Norway and PARIS PARIS :) to celebrate my sister's vacation to Norway!!!

So whats instore for 2012 - Extended Happy Holiday in India for 2 months, my baby will start his schooling, I need to resume back to work, do some serious preparation for my PMP, learn the nuances of photography and do a lot and lot of reading!!!!!

Wishing all my fellow blog friends a very happy 2012 and good luck on your new list of resolutions :)