Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Unwind #MondayMath - Numbering different ways

Last week we saw few methods as to how we can introduce numbers to kids. I just listed a few so that you can try those or explore more on the same line.
Now that the kids can recognize their 123s (You can try these number Boards to get them more hands on)
They soon come with another challange of recognizing the same number in different forms. So introduce the other possible ways also so that it becomes easy for them when they start counting, matching and other math workbook activities.

Teaching your children to count on their fingers

Make them open one finger everytime they say a number to start with. Then you can make them identify the number by how many are open and how many are closed. This is their basis for Learning counting.

Using Dice to identify numbers

Dice is another common and fun way to introduce number counting to kids.

You can familarise kids to dice using boardgames. Snake and ladder would be an ideal to start with.
If your kid is fond of drawing, try this.


Once they get famaliarised, we can check so by asking them to match them with numbers.

Identifying numbers using Objects

Most of the Math Activity books use different Objects when it comes to counting and matching. Objects make kids glued, fun for them and they just start counting without realising they are doing numbers. So explore different Objects of their interest.

Practice these until next week, we shall do number matching using all the techniques we have learnt these two weeks.


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