Monday, January 16, 2012

Listening a book?

As promised myself to read more this year, I did some good homework in choosing what to read, when to read and with the evolving technologies and gadgets - how to read :). So what is the first step - No pat for guessing :) - Its of course goggling. But it was a lot of goggling this time. Went through most of the known websites to catch up with the trending fiction and non-fiction best sellers. I had made a list sometime back on this, but as usual missed it. So took sometime and prepared another detailed list of bestsellers over the last 10 years( I think I covered 10 years :) ). I love my list and know what to search in Landmark and Crossword this vacation. 

Oh yeah, you know what - Chennai 35th Book Fair is going on!!!!! I think I have not missed this for last few years and will not this time as well :). I think I should have always plan my vacation in Jan. I have my two best buddies - My hubby and sister to accompany me who always keep an eye on the nearest exit waiting for me to say "I am done. Shall we go??? which happens after 2-3 hours on entry and their inquiry "Are you done? Shall we go??? " from the very 10-15 minutes after the entry :). This time is going to be special - Its Shravan's first Book Fair :)

I generally read a lot of non-fiction that unfolds more like a fiction and fiction as well. This time I have added a new genre to my reading list - its Cookery and Stock Market. Well, Stock Market is not something really new from the scratch - I already have two very good books. But I have compiled and saved the list of another set of books which I could buy as and when I find them in bookstores. The need/fun to explore new gravies, venture into egg less baking, satisfy my son's international appetite, learn thoroughly the authentic South-Indian cooking - food blogs was my first stop and was re-directed to books next. So stopping by Cookery section is something new I am going to do in bookstores this time.

Now I have recovered from my total ignorance of what was happening in the reading world, I am in Bliss :). But you know nobody can live in this state for a longer time :(. I adore reading books and Shravan adore tearing books - well I cant buy bound books like his :(. So how do I really safeguard my treasure knowing he is an expert in treasure hunt? Goggle again :) - I have an eye or rather ears for Audiobooks now. Reminds me to use my iTouch more. Running behind Shravan all the time and he running around house to explore new things(including finding things hidden everywhere) I thought Audiobooks would be a good choice. Well nothing can par with reading a book, feeling the grip in hand,smelling the aroma of paper,sense of owning a treasure.But I thought its time to move on to explore and be par with the technology world.  Listening to somebody reading a book for you? - actually thrills me and that too when its the author him/her self. You don't have to imagine/think his/her state of mind while writing because its loud and clear from his/her tone and modulations. A change from listening to songs all the time? - Another bliss :). 

Goggle again - for what this time? I cant afford as of now :( (First, I want to explore more Second, I am still living on my savings ;) ). So a lot of research on free audiobooks sites. I have another comprehend list now :). You don't want to pay? You don't get the latest.  Its that simple. But its okay, I go with the saying - learning is an ocean and I am ok as long as a learn/read (I should say listen :) I guess I will slowly get the hang of it) something new from the book.Another Goggle to find some good audiobooks. So now I am listening to a book. 

I have another update w.r.t my reading resolution - More on Next about my "glorying grey Kindle". Audiobooks - Yes I know my ABC's now. Its eBooks next :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Rewind Twenty Eleven.....a nostalgic flashback of another memorable year

Its already 6th Jan 2012???. Same day Last year...I took a temp break from work (assuming I will restart again early 2012...but I guess its become an extended break now...I still have few months :) ) and same day Eight years ago....I joined Cognizant. Did I really wait for 6 Jan 2012 to write this blog to add another accidently 6th Jan....So which was more fun : 8 years of work or 1 year of fun???? I lean towards the latter. The timing just happened. I took a small break from my regular routine professional life to spend some qualitive time with Shravan and to unfold myself. But did I miss anything in the last year??? Yes, My Friends :))) It definitely was 8 years of work with fun :). My bacth-mates (we were batch 168 with 16 guys and 8 me 8 gals together were more terror and power than 16 guys :), My first account team-mates, my onshore counterparts, my managers and supervisors, my fellow team members - each and everyone have a special place in my heart. Missed call to my bus mate to hold the bus everyday morning (the lazy me!!!), breakfast bites to catch up previous nite activities(books, movies, music!!!!), extended coffee breaks with best pals to crib/rant about supervisors and team members, gossips over the lunch, catch up with my favorite book during my bus travel, etc etc....makes me nostalgic.

2011.....The entire world started spinning around Shravan as he became a perfect mama boy :)) What 100 or 1000 friends could do...he did it all alone :))) Made me laugh, cry, taught me patience, gave me a new routine, introduced me to new hobbies - watching cartoon movies and ryhmes, made me emotionally strong, kindled the child in me, what more can you expect for a two year old boy :)))

Where did I exceed my expectation ???? - Baby sitting - I never thought I would be able to manage Shravan 24*7 all alone (A sudden home maker in an alien land) - but now we have become indespensible. Persuing Passion - I really got some quality time to try my hands in painting and craft. Everytime I finish a painting, shravan "amma super painting" it meant more than a client feedback for a flawless deliverable.

Where did I lost my concentration???? Reading took a big hit :(((. Being an avid reader, dont I sound crazy if I tell you I didnt finish a single book. How did I lose my aroma for papers???? :(( Oh yeah, I did a lot of ABCs and 123s with Shravan though. Online trading - that was the plan B when I quit. I shall atleast do 2-3 hours of early morning trading. But I am yet to reset my password :((.

What is new in my plate??? - Photography,International Cuisines and Blogging. New Camera and my Photo blogs are my first baby steps. I am working on my food blog - Want to add more spice to it rather than the usual spices. Lets see how I do and will I really do :)) Blogging - you guys know!!!! Its become more like a my status report :)))

I became a Movie Buff!!! - (Was I always One???) covered most of 2010/2011 Kollywood and Bollywood. I loved Vinnaithandi Varuvaya and Zindagi Na Milage Dhubara. Liked the Mankatha plot. Nice concept on 7am Arivu, but something was lacking in it...good songs???. Like many people out there, me and shravan enjoyed Chamak Chalo and Why this Kolavari di. I loved Kalvare from Raavan, Yenamo Yetho from Ko (Nostalgic trip to Bergen in 2008) and Tere Mere from Bodygaurd. Hollywood Torrents are still being downloaded.

My Travelouge - A Quick trip to Pondy in Jan to catch up with my best friend Maddy and introduce our juniors to each other :). A holy trip to Tirupathi in March on the eve on my parents wedding anniversary to do the traditional head shave for Shravan. A shift over in base camp from Chennai to Norway happened in late May. September was the month of travel - went to Sandvika and Oslo in Norway and PARIS PARIS :) to celebrate my sister's vacation to Norway!!!

So whats instore for 2012 - Extended Happy Holiday in India for 2 months, my baby will start his schooling, I need to resume back to work, do some serious preparation for my PMP, learn the nuances of photography and do a lot and lot of reading!!!!!

Wishing all my fellow blog friends a very happy 2012 and good luck on your new list of resolutions :)