Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Unwind #TuesdayTravel - Canada - Part 1

Every Tuesday I will share with you little tit bits that can help you explore continents with your kids. My kiddo loves exploring continents and countries. So we slowly started expanding the horizon by learning little more about each country. 

In Part 1, I shall share what we planned to learn about that country and in Part 2, we shall share some of handwork we made related to that country and a simple lap book to start with. I am going to leave him lead the show, so the lap book may look very primitive to start with. Lets see how his or your kids imagination grows as they explore more.

So if you want to start the project along with us, please join. It will be fun sharing our kids experience. Trust me, its a good learning experience for the adults as well. 

Deciding which country to start with was not really that challenging as I thought. He immediately decided its Canada. Why on the globe Canada first . His best buddy in class is from there. 

First we started with where on the globe is Canada. He has the world map as his wall decal. So we always start from there. Then I make him identify in which continent it is located. So step 1 kids start to identify the countries in the world map and then in its continent. I give him printouts of both so that he can start coloring Canada. 

Outline of World Map

Closer look of Canada in North America

If the particular country has states in it, Show them that  as well. But I didnt insist too much on the states as of now. But just showed him there are many states within Canada.

My boy is a puzzle boy. So I decided to make a Puzzle based on the states of Canada. He was super excited as he was making his own puzzle. We used to above shown political map of Canada as reference.

I go with his interests so that its easy to make him sit glued in a place for sometime. Next is the flag time. He already knew the flag of Canada. So I just gave him an outline and he finished coloring in no time.

We made our own flag as well using fuse beads. This is another evening time pass activity for him. Doing so he learns to sit in a place patient for sometime, helps in hand eye co-ordination and gives him a good overview of spatial reasoning. 

If you are planning to explore the countries with us, start with these. We have more to do and learn about Canada. I dont want to dump everything in one post. In Part 2, I shall share how we learnt about Canadian animals, famous places, sports and specialties of Canada. 


  1. Brilliant idea Anu...surely will try for my kid

  2. Thanks Salma. Do update how it goes :)