Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Peacock Rangoli with Diyas

Peacock Rangoli with Diyas I think most of us will not be remembering how we celebrated our diwali the first few beautiful years of us. Some parents would have captured few pictures (some black and white pictures) but most of the parents would re-collect from their memories when asked and try to explain. Parents are getting older and with grand kids around, their memories would have refreshed with new memories. Had blogs been there, even our parents could have easily captured every minute of celebration. So, I am going to quickly jot those joyful happenings for Shravan to cherish for the years to come :)

Any clue from the title? - Oh yeah, this blog is all about how Diwali was celebrated here in Kongsberg. What are the first few things that rings a bell in your mind when I say Diwali? - Ok I hear - new dress, sweets, crackers,new movies, diyas etc etc...School days - crackers takes a priority, new movies during teen-age but new dress,sweets and diyas comes always :). Forget crackers being in Kongsberg - only twice a year in a common place that too you just view. New movies - might be in Drammen or Oslo but not in Kongsberg. Shravan doesnt know about crackers much, so I guess he wouldnt have missed it. Oh yeah! he did burst few sparkles last time ;) and I am sure after few webcam calls with his aunt, he will start listening and dancing to 7am arivu and velayutham songs :)

Sweet time - Deciding what sweets, how to prepare starts a week before. Satisfying Ram was a big challenge :). Being dotted in a joint family, he tastes every possible sweets during occassions. Ram's aunt is an expert. So, Anu how do you satisfy his taste buds was one big question running in my mind. When I opened this topic to Ram, he was like do 1-2 sweets and 1-2 savories whichever you are comfortable with!!! and he wanted Badusha or Chandrakala. So do I have a choice?. When I told my cousin that I am going to try Badusha, her instant response was "Badhusha???? hey its very difficult. Mixing the dough is very challenging. In chennai, we are getting readymade mix". Now imagine my state. I still took this as a challenge and how it turned, you can see it ourself :)

Now, Rava Laddus - they came with so much ease and tasted heavenly :)
Oh yeah!I did ribbon pakoda and om podi was well. Ok now that kitchen work is done, its time to explore my rangoli. Took the inspiration from Rashmi's Blog and it did came out well. First was the sketch on the table using chalk.Then was the real challenge of mixing just one small packets of all colors with rice flour to get enough color powder, I did manage decently though :). Then the borders and the final touch was the diyas :))) Will you believe - Shravan was around all the time, sitting and watching his mamma's work from chair and oh yeah he was good body gaurd as well - any kid tries to come and touch he was like "amma, kommam (well that means kolam :)), no, pichu pichu" will you dare to touch? :)). You know what, when I first showed my rangoli to my dear sis through webcam, any guesses on how she reacted - "how did you manage to get a such a big trace paper?"
and then was a sumptuous lunch followed by a evening get-together in a friend's place. Now that all our six senses were re-charged watching 7am arivu is the only thing pending :)