Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bucketlist - An alarm to Sleepwalkers

Where to start?....Lets first talk about sleepwalkers and then come to bucketlist. You thought "Oh No!!! he/she is in the habit of getting up inbetween during unearthly hours in the night to take a stroll to the next room with eyes closed"? No, I didnt mean them though thats what it technically means. I am talking about the folks who do more or less the same during daytime. These are folks who are physically awake, but living in an unconscious state. Take a quick check

What is your life? - wake up (mostly late but have a poor alarm to complain always), freshen up, munch something, rush to work, be frantic or restless most of the time while at work, hurry home, again munch something, grab the remote and reserve a corner cozy seat in sofa, keeping surfing channels with your laptop cozily sitting on your lap, again surfing internet (I know we fellas are just awesome doing this particular multi-tasking), minds and hand racing each other (did you see one good programme fully? did you read one worthwhile article? did you say yes? come on!!! you are kidding me :) ), dinner time and bed time. So what did you really do today other than your routine?.

I heard you, "No time" right!!!! We are the sleepwalkers :))) busy running all through the day, weeks, months and years to win the rat race. Life is just in "Auto-pilot" mode. By saying "no time" we mean we are all very busy, very busy doing nothing beyond the routine. people who say "no time" when asked "why no time" will reply back spontaneously "definitely next time".

Ok, let me know ask you another simple question "are you really happy with your routines?". "Oh yeah! I love it and I am ready to do the same for my rest of the life". I know, no votes for this. Just sit back and think for few minutes, what is your passion? what new hobby you want to persue? what sport who want to play during weekends? when are your planning to finish your still bookmarked book? when did you really take a "real vacation"?. When did you watch a movie in theatre lately? Are all these things happening along with your routine? "Yes"...."Is it, then my friend, you are not a sleepwalker".

But I heard most of you saying "I really really want to do all of these". Yes, here comes our bucketlist :). Nah.Nah!!!! It is similar to goals but not. Goals are more professional, specific to industry, time bound, measured. Here I am talking about "Life as a bigger picture". "Life with motivation". "Life is fun". "Life has a purpose".

They are the dreams you want to fulfill and life experiences you desire to experience before you die along with your goals. Bucketlist can have a crazy thought, a random thought, a nice feeling, make others feel nice - It gives a human touch to your remote controlled life.

Doesnt these words sparkle smile in your eyes?. Make you feel young?. Make you think "ok, come on!!! let me think what I want to do".?

So this is what I did, took few days to realise about what I day-dream (I am not disturbing your fairytale night dreams where you take full revenge of your boss to recharge for the next day) frequently, what is that one thought that keeps tickling my brain nerves (ok ok, I do have a lttle one), which thought/place/person brings smile on my face, what activity makes me young/energtic/lively.

Here I come with 25 things (First it was 10, then it became 20 and finally finished with 25) that immediately popped out of my mind. (Oh yeah, these days...sometimes...I really feel...I am out of mind :) )

1) My little dumpling is turning three (how time flies) this september. I wanna give him a really nice birthday surprise - Plan A to Z thoroughly, add as much as possible - a personnel touch to everything - including baking the cake :). Most of you know what cake he wants :)

2) Everyday should be "god morgen" and Every night should be "god natt" - you got it. Learn Norwegian language.

3) Norway and no Northern Lights? - See northern lights.

4) Advertise, Hard work, creativity, (little money :) ) - Dedicate more time for Anuhya Jewelry.

5) Explore Vegetarian cooking across all the countries - collect the recipes, cook, find some guinea friends, click and blog - Oh no, not another blogsite. But yes a good food blog with a different essence.

6) Visit all the 45 countries in Europe - Covered Norway, Denmark, Italy, Paris and Vatican City already. Spain and Switzerland land are on cards for this year.

7) Do Skiing - with so much of snow for so much of time :))

8) Oh yeah, first learn swimming

9) Do some wildlife photography. First, upgarde from Auto mode :)

10) Watch all the movies in "IMDB top 250 movies".

11) Work on my paper store. I know my partner is waiting :)

12) See the pyramids in Eygpt

13) Snorkling in Australia

14) Volunteer/start a small NGO types to help/contribute for the people in need.

15) Atleast one really thrilling roller coaster ride every year - done for 2012 in Tivolli, Demark. But
KINGDA KA in 2006 was the best.

16) Do my own interior for my dream home

17) Walk the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in Peru

18) Meet Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

19) Do active trading atleast 2 days a week - To be educated about finance, trading, business etc etc

20) Over night stay in Amazon forest

21) Do atleast one professional certification every year.  Wish me good luck for PRINCE2 planned this year.

22) Hike a mountain

23) How did I forget books - Read all Pulitzer Prize won non-fiction books and Man Booker Prize won books.

24) Buy one good electronic gadget every year - 2012 - Canon 550D, Kindle, HTC Desire ;)) All sponsered by Ram. You all know I am jobless for the last 18 months. (I heard you, being jobless why so much gadgets?...My answer "because I am jobless").

25) Write more frequently on killingtimeinkongsberg

I know I would have crossed half of your minds already. Is there anything else more interesting on your bucketlist? - I am all ears to hear. Please list them in the comment section below (not on facebook'ah, I am losing all your replies as time flies and older posts gets dumped.)

Add some spice to your life :) Happy Blogging.