Friday, April 24, 2015

Unwind #TuesdayTravel - Canada Part 2

I hope you guys got some time to try few of our introduction to Canada activities. Thanks for all the comments and emails. This week, we shall do some craft based on Canada.
Kids are always fasinated byanimals. Shravan used to play a world puzzle with animals on it all over instead of country names. So it gave in a high level overview of what animals are found in which continent/country.

Beaver is the national animal of Canada. So we did a paper plate beaver face.

Paint the paper plate brown. Use the attached template for their eyes, nose and mouth. If your kid is not really small enough, allow them to cut and paste. It might not come out perfect, but I prefer leaving it to their choice so that they will definitely learn tomorrow if not today.

I also taught him about the other animals found in Canada. We did few coloring pages and then flashcards of all the animals. Beaver, Canadian Goose and Moose to name a few.

Then we moved on to the national symbol of Canada - The Maple Leaf. I gave him a printout and he immediately started cutting and coloring. Well, we are still hunting for a maple leaf in the neighbourhood. Now that summer is here, we might find something soon. I asked him to collect one good leaf and preserve it.
My boy is a lego boy. Anything with lego, I am sure he would love it. After some googling, I found a CN Tower made of Lego. Used the concept to teach him the important places in Canada. Show them the pictures of Niagara Falls, CN Tower and Rockie Mountains to start with.
I wanted to slowly introduce history to Shravan but not with so many facts and dates. But with some interesting stories and pictures to show. I ended up in Totem Poles. We used a tissue paper holder and did lot of cut+paste+coloring.

We also learnt about Canadian Capital, Currencies, Sports. I also introduced him to Word Search.

I shall share Pictures of we making these craft and the simple lapbook Shravan managed to make.

Happy touring Canada.

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