Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Unwind #MondayMath - Number Recognition

Children of age 4-6 years love to explore patterns, sequence, shapes and numbers. They get hooked when we say come on, lets do some patterns or when we say shall we play hopscotch
So lets start practicing to say lets play maths instead of lets do maths.
1. Preschool children need to get used to the 'sound' of the numbers, i.e to recognize the spoken 'one', 'two' etc. Singing aloud to them number rhymes such as 'one, two, buckle my shoe', 'one, two, three, four five.." etc would get them used to recognizing the 'sound' of each number. You can slowly recite the numbers 1 to 5 at first and so on.
2. Try and relate numbers to everyday things, like you can show them one banana, two biscuits etc. Initially start with just one and two, later on, you can progress one by one.
3. Then you can help them relate the number to the symbol, i.e the written 1,2,3s.
Try this simple game to see if your kid can identify numbers 1 to 10
Have a bunch of foam numbers and\or plastic magnetic numbers, and make a heap of them between you and the child. You pick one, hold it up high and call out loud its name, such as "Number five!" and put it to you personal pile.
The child will then find the same number (make sure there are at least two of each number) and does the same, calling its name out loud and gathering the number to himself.
Then you reverse it so that it is first the child's turn to pick any number from the pile, call out its name, and put it to his pile, and you have to find the same number. After all the numbers in the middle pile were gone, the task is to arrange the numbers you have in order.
Play kids' favorite card game: UNO. That'll motivate children to learn to recognize numbers quickly.

Number Recognition Activities

Fishing Game

Chalk Number Recognition - Fun way to introduce number in Summer. This also helps their gross motor skills.
Number Tower - This not only helps recognition but also introduce to ordering.
Dice Rolling - This gives them another dimension to interpret numbers

Knock Down Numbers
Number Recognition Apps

You can explore more of these type of activities in pinterest according to your kids favourite activity, cartoon or interest. Get them comfortable with number recognition, next week we shall explore how to make them match numbers.

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