Friday, February 14, 2014

Rewind 2013 - Part II

OK.Here we go with the other half of my memory refresh of what happened later in 2013. See, I did post it (I can hear some sighing  atlast!!! and I can hear few of my friends gently whispering, "Anu, you promised that you will do it before end of Jan, go check the date today") and I did and found its Valentines day today :). Before we drag on why it got delayed, and blah blah, let me take this post to wish my all beautiful dear friends a very happy Valentines Day :)
We did something very romantic in August, see we really dont believe in Valentines Day - A must visit place every couples wants to go (offcourse!!! Not everybody want to go there with their kid ;)), its the place where you land up when you switch on your dream button (atleast Bollywood ishtyle), with snow falling, you are on top of some hill and your partner comes running towards you (ok ok let me stop!!!) You guessed it right - WE DID SWITZERLAND. (Well, question to all my shakesphere dudes, is it actually right to say we did switzerland, I have heard people using it, but not sure if its really grammatically correct, but i like it !!!). And later in August we had some of our friends visiting from Kongsberg and we did the much planned KONGEPARKEN. One of the good theme parks in Norway. I think we will go there every summer until we are here in Stavanger. It was soo much fun for three freaks who love going upside down and screaming from bottom of your stomach just for fun!!!!
Its the beginning of September (does that starts bell ringing on your head) atleast it did for me as I had to start planning my superhero's superday. And the theme was announced BEN 10!!!!!! and he made it very specific, I just dont want the Ben10 face on the cake, but his pants and watches as well (those were the exact words he used). So my baking skills were on toss!!! But i think it turned out OK, the boy on the cake did resemble Ben Tennyson. It was yet another year with more LEGOs. Knowingly or unknowingly, the entire family is becoming a great fan, addictive Builders of LEGO.

Well something else interesting happened in September, I had a two day meeting (user forum) in a nearby Beach side hotel and everybody had to stay there overnight. Well,it was officially 12th of September for the first time in almost 4 years, I was away from my little hero for a night. It was very emotional but I Guess we kind of managed it well. A BIG THANKS to my big hero (well, you know what!!! He constantly keeps asking me, why you dont Write about me in your blogs and its always just about our little hero, so as I start I did mention him here now :).

Ram's cousin visit was another event to cherish. My little hero assumed him as his big Brother though we kept on telling that he is dad's little Brother. Never mind, as long as they glued really well. When I meant really, trust me they really glued very well. We did visit many of Stavanger's local attraction along With him. And I got an opportunity to explore some vegan cooking for him, Yeah!!!! you heard it right :). Wish he visits us every year.
October i guess was business as usual!!! Monday to Friday work, Courses in the evening and Fun in the weekends!!! Oh yes!!! I took my Norwegian Language test in the end of October. Not as bad as I thought :) I did manage to do well (I should isn't it? After all the 6 months effort of maintaining Norwegian as medium of communication in workplace from 7.30 to 3.30 :) )
November, TADA!!!!!!!!!! Ever since I could remember, the mention of November makes me think of my sweet sister. Nov 15th being her birthday and its going to be more memorable in the coming years as the same day happens to be her Wedding day as well. A very short trip (just 18 days!!! its wedding come on :( ) to India was very tiring but yet very satisfying and memorable one (Now, I am talking like a BIG SIS :) ) and we did the much planned almost delayed for 3 years photoshoot for our little hero :)
Its the beginning of the end of the year and ofcourse a special month to me :) I can hear you guys!!! afterall you are all my best buddies!!!!! A self made special strawberry cake on 6th!!! (but of course it was my little hero who blew the candles, he lives by the motto "All Birthday is my Birthday" simple and straight, isn't it!!!!!). Well its more than me but my little hero who got more surprises in december. His best dude visiting from Kongsberg for a week during Christmas holidays was like icing on cake for him!!!! 
and we welcomed 2014 with more Love!!!!!!