Saturday, March 10, 2012

Celebrating Women's Day

What Kindles one to right an interesting blog??? Mood? Ocassion? Free Time?. I always have mood to read and write but blame "no free time" as a reason for not doing so.(hahaha talking like an intellectual aah :) ) But when I get free time, I sit back and think "do I have anything else more important to do rather than reading and writing?" crazy mind wanders and reaches Shravan's mind :). With so many Happy days around - Valentines day, women's day, mother's day, father's day (not bad aah!!! I have typed them in right sequence I guess, probably another silly stupid question for Crorepathi ;)) Initially I plan to do something interesting every year, then as the real day starts - as the regular household chores unfolds - what happy Valentines's day/women's day/mother's day - everyday is special (another usual response for not doing anything special ;)

To all my fellow friends - Wishing you all a Happy Women's day (I am sure many like me think - I am still a girl, what women's day - well!!!! thats the first sign of being a Woman :) )

Its still looks like Yesterday - Bunking afternoon training session in CTS on Women's day to catch up "Saathiya" in Satyam with all the so-called very polite,calm,non-talkative girl's gang of batch168 :)))) - Its been 9 years now :((. 10 years of transformation  from Girl's Gang to Women's World. What a ride!!!!!!
How many unknowing or unassuming roles we get to play - from just being a girl-friend to someone, a true love to someone, a caring mother to someone, a responsible daughter to parents, an even more responsible daughter-in-law to parents-in-law, a good leader to fellow team members and still be a good friend to all your girl friends with same transformation. every role is challenging and demanding in its own way. Its not like I will be a good mom today, a good daughter tomorrow and a good boss this year in office - YOU are expected to be good(or rather too good) always in all these roles - Too much of an expectation' nah!!! Still every girl outshines these responsibilities in their own style - thats Womenhood - there is no strict rules or steps to follow to be good in each role - how she understands people, how she reacts to people, how she manage crisis, how she responds to complaints, how she handles problems, how she nurtures her kids,how she be a true love to her (Lazy) beloved one - Peak of multi-personality and multi-tasking.

So now you have a special day - how do you celebrate this day to rejoice the forthcoming years. Well, firstly what do you expect on this special day - a wish from all the men in your life - Dad - too old, doesnt know he has to wish. Hubby dear - too forgetful to remember such dates or too busy it just didnt strike. darling son - too much to expect from a two year old. But its not surprising - your mom is the first one to wish you - happy women's day dear - you have a long way to go. your sister is the next - happy women's day sister. Enjoy the hurdles and troubles I am still enjoying my girlhood. all your girl friends - message, call, ping, update status. So are men jealous of women and hence not part of celebration? are men too busy to remember or too forgetful to not to remember such simple things? are men not responsive/reactive to such celelbration? An ever living Mystery!!!!! This being the situation around - Do I really need to talk about gifts and treats?

But what surprises me is how the media celebrates this special day. You open up a newspaper - you see some company or the other wishing "Happy Women's day". Its not just that they wish (your first wish of getting wished gets fulfilled ;)), they give you offers, discounts, sales -  a reason to buy a gift (see!!! your second wish of getting gifted is not very far now :) ) and when the same thing is done by a eatry - your last wish is also fulfilled (All women needs some or the other reason to escape from kitchen ;)). Now If I show this to Ram - can you guess how he will respond? 1) Oh dear, sorry forgot to wish, Happy Women's day darling 2) Hey you want to check out this sale? 3) Need a break from cooking - you want to try this cousine? 4) See the paper, so much of marketing using some stupid celebration. No marks, No applause for Guessing!!!. But I simply adore his answering skills - 1) Do I really need to explictly wish you? - I am wishing and celebrating on your behalf every moment of us 2) Do I see price and get you things - anything you like anytime. You really dont have to see the price, just see that you like it ;) 3) Lets try this resturant for dinner, but btw whats for lunch - cook something interesting nah 4) YaYaYaYa!!!!!

Now lets switch on the TV. HBO, Star Movies had back to back movies in which the Lady Lead was the star. I thoroughly enjoyed this, this year!!!! Amelia, Sister Act, Tangled. Back to back songs appreciating womehood in all music channels. To watch Amelia was on my list for a long time now - Its a real time story of Amelia Erthert -  First woman Pilot.How she started, how much she accomplished, how much she was used by people and media, how she got lost over the pacific -  A must watch!!!. Well you all think I enjoyed doing this all day - nah nah - Now that My second man in Life (busy in other end of the golbe) my first man in duty - daddy dear took up his role. What a boring movie, give me the remote - I need to check the score, I need to watch Crorepathi (He is really enthrilled to watch this program, He has the answer for all the questions even before the choices are given - a reason for men to celebrate his knowledge!!!). My new man in life is equally challenging and demanding to handle!!! - "Amma, Pogo podu chotta bheem pakanum".

So like all day another day ended up with a big list of complaints and cribbings. But still how women celebrate this day - they remember what they cribbed about every year!!!

Interestingly read a phrase "Women raise the bar" outside the leather Bar Lounge in The Park Hotel. True Indeed!!!!