Tuesday, April 17, 2012

India 2012 - Scorching Sun and Haunting Power Cuts

Now you all know WHERE & WHY I abscond!!!! Just back from 9 full weeks of break from routine and its been already 3 weeks in Kongsberg and I am still struggling to get back to my routine. I have finally decided to!!! its then when it striked...you lazy mom at home do you have anything worth as a good routine other than running around shravan? Now what should I answer...If its yes - no I dont think so...what was long planned on 31st dec is still on paper/mind only..If its no - come on cooking, cleaning and chatting with folks - is this worth to call a routine???

It was -10 degrees on the day we left Kongsberg and it had been quite sometime we saw sunshine. Even to walk to the nearest grocery shop you need an extra 30 mins to wrap and unwrap the special clothing accessories. Being an all day wanderer, imagine you get only a glimpse of a day!!! So what more could be more rewarding than a vacation to India - the land of hot sun in Jan, hotter sun in Feb and the hottest in March :)

The very thought of being away from family, with not so many kids to play around, the most unforbidding weather most of the times and I being the lone companion for my son, I always had this fear of whether he might become a quite person, a docile dumpling and not so talkative like his parents :)) But Shravan broke all these myths right from day 1 of his vacation.

Weather - Jan weather was not so bad. Morning and Evening weather were still very refreshing (at least for us who have not seen sun, sunshine, hot breeze,daylight, etc). Afternoons - yes It was hot but not worth complaining being a chennai girl :). As days passed by, temperature sore high. All was Well until they increased the power cut from 1 to 2 hours every day. And you know what I started happening from the very next day Ram packed his bags to Kongsberg. The Lucky Chap!!!!

Neighbours & Relatives - I think Shravan learnt, understood, tortured and thoroughly enjoyed this magical term while there. I love India for this. Even while in US, I had never known who my neighbours were. The same continued here as well except for one sweet lady upstairs here who claims my naughty junior as her proud grandson :). Back In India - Shravan was pampered by atleast 10 families around in both his grandparents place. He thoroughly enjoyed walking into very house (Oh yeah!!! the doors are always open) with very minimal clothing (escape the winter, escape from being wrapped) and demending whatever he wanted from their place - be it food, toys or their kids to play :)). Well he has made a lot of friends now with "Age No Bar". He did visit all his cousins as well. He never knew he had some many brothers and a darling sister ;)). (Come on, no blame on the parents, he was hardly 1.5 years when he came to Kongsberg.Too Young an age to remember so many people :))

Outings - So back there, its not that planned outing like how we do here. We were out everyday and we enjoyed every moment of it. The first one was to the crocodile bank. 1.5 hours travel was worth while. Shravan had a ghala time. He was amazed by their size, their numbers and the way they open their mouth and sleep. I was equally enjoying as I got to explore my new canon without gloves :). More in detail on Howz My Click. Most of the weekends were dedicated to beaches. I love water and you know what,  my son hates atleast as of now. I think he is little scared rather than saying hates. You ask him "can we go to beach?" his immediate response would be "no no thanni bayam" in typical thenali kamal syle. But other than the water, he enjoys the ride, the corn cup, the kulfi, the cool breeze, the kites and ofcourse to get spoiled in sand from head to toe. A day trip to Zoo was another place which he thoroughly enjoyed. The way he mimics the monkeys (well taught Sudha :)), how he corrected my dad when he pointed to Hornbill and said  Pigeon "thatha edhu pigeon ella Hornbill, Simbha (he meant the LionKing) varum", his enjoyment on seeing elephant's taking bath in turns (well, thats the summer attraction this year), bears (oh yeah, they have a dozen now in our Vandalur Zoo) fighting, mocking and playing with each other, but ofcourse he was very disappointed as Simbha didnt speak to him :)).

Temples - I never knew Shravan had so much craze for temples and gods. Temple ride excites him more than anything else and that too if its a bike ride, its a double bonanza!!!! We visited almost every temple in the local - dont misjudge the chennai city, we covered more than 2-3 dozen temples :)) and we still had a big wishlist pending :(. Me and Ram like going to temple on occassions and festivals, but Shravan needs a daily visit. Now I know Genes is not herditary :))

Shopping - Vacation is incomplete without this!!!! The whole purpose of India visit is to refuel energy, groceries and other household stuffs isnt'it. Grocery shopping started from end of first visit with essentials and went on till last day with add ons and it added so much that I had to courier all the extra 20 kgs add ons :)). I did a leisurely shopping to most of the book-stores and added a nice collection to my bookshelf :)). My craze to start a food blog is still hanging in my head but I have bought a nice collection of bowls this time. A trip to Parry's corner around 12PM in the afternoon without umbrella, without even a space to put your full feet down and walk, with shravan hanging around my waist in so much of energy and interest as he knew we are heading to the bead shop where he can play with all the colors on earth :). Ofcourse, I refilled my paint boxes and its accessories.

Shravan is thoroughly spoiled by his pampering grandparents, "anything anytime for you darling" aunty dear Sudha, Ready to teach "What not to do" Uncle Aravind, Always available to play with you neighours. Thank you all for adding more tension to us here :))). Oh yeah, he has become a chatterbox as well. Always ready to load atleast 5-6 questions on every topic/instruction/advice we do. I am sure I am going to have another exciting 4 months until my junior starts his school :)))
With so much happening around in bits and pieces all through the day, 9 weeks was nothing more other than to sit back and rejoice for another 9 months (until the next vacation :)).

Bharat Matha Ki Jai (I know its little too much, But thought this little extra masala will add more spice to the curry above ;))

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