Sunday, August 26, 2012

Knowing Norwegian

Its almost 1 year and 3 months in Norway now. I like the place for its weather, people, neatness, calmness (oh yeah it sometimes really daunts :). In Kongsberg, When I am on my afternoon stroll with my curious George (hehehe!!!! its Shravan) who wants to stop and window shop every shop, who wants to stop and gaze at the people walking, who can throw a such a naughty smile on his face when somebody stops by to say hi to him, many elders amused by his walk,run,smile and non-stop talking stop by and start speaking to me in Norsk. I always presume they say "he is very cute", "such a lovely kid" etc.etc., but trust me till few days back I couldn't understand a word they speak. A give them back the same courteous smile and say "yeah!" sometimes and "tak!!!" sometimes (tak means thanks).   Imagine surviving in an European land with just "tak!" and my ever-confident English. 

But something was missing. I think the fun or pride to reply back to them in their language. The sense of belonging to a place was missing. But who cares, they can speak English very well the minute you respond back "I cant speak Norwegian, could you tell me in English". they are like "Oh!" and continue in English.It never hurt or made me sit back and think to really start learning the language.Well, there is another big reason as well. You apply for a job, then find your profile matching, call you to discuss and their very first question "Hi, how confident are you with Norwegian language?"...."ufffffffffffffffff".....gone!. What can I do with the the pride of being a good engineer, I can manage with English anywhere on the globe attitude.

So what else it could be now that my son is away for few hours?. Its time to explore the fun of learning a language. Did I say fun?.....well its really not fully fun...its fun, its more responsibility now, and many a times headache as well. I love this part...Making new friends, going out and having fun for few hours. What I don't like part...sitting in a place for 3 hours....What I hate - LISTEN,CONCENTRATE,STUDY and the worst of all HOMEWORK :(

The fun is going to continue for another month now. Do you want a sample....Jeg heter Anu. (My name is Anu). Jeg komer fra India. (I come from India). Jeg er en inginior.(I am an engineer). Jeg snakker Engelsk, Hindi og bitt lite Norsk. (I speak English, Hindi and little bit Norsk). Jeg kan ogsa skriv litt Norsk. (I can also write little Norsk).

Do you know....A is aaa in Norsk.E is a in Norsk.O is u in Norsk. Y is eeeeee in Norsk. I is e in Norsk. J is ya in Norsk and U is uuu in Norsk and you have 3 more alphabets.Now I hear you - "All the best Anu, Its really going to be fun".Ha det bra (Bye!!!!).


  1. I can imagine how much fun is on the way :)

  2. Thanks Uma!!! Lucky U....being in USA.....Its easy engelsk :))But yeah Its really is fun. Both me and shravan learning every basics together....but he is little faster than me :))) older you are slower you are I guess :)