Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Satyamev Jayate - The Baby is growing

The whole Indian Community is still in Shock seeing the cruel reality of female foeticide happening around us and the Satyamev Jayate team has taken one more earth-shattering episode on children. Its like earthquake followed by Tsunami :(. We always relate kids to Baghvan, Parri, Maasum, Shararat, Hasna and what not. But I guess its not how everybody feels. The show featured some Demons who dont think the same way.  This time its about Child Abuse.

Once again, the statistics the team has gathered - nobody could have ever guessed!!!!! it means every other kid in one way or the other is abused. Parents, its time to be really alert and educate our children. So what comes to anybody's mind when we say child abuse - its always the girls who will be victimised. We are wrong here again, Boys are victims too, infact more than girls.

Hats off to the four really courageous youth who came forward to share the trauma they experienced which none of us could have ever imagined. How much they could have been physically and mentally shattered in that small age where they are yet to see the whole new world outside. But all four of them have really come out of it now with their will-power and maturity. There still could be some youth around, who could have underwent something like this but feels shattered and lifeless, this show is more than an alarm/wake up call for them. Its a tonic. Its time to come out of it, face the reality and enjoy the challenges and change your life forever.

It sounds really stupid or not so worth to discuss why at first place people go for child abuse. That to not with any strange kid, in every case its somehow or the other either relatives, friends or neighbours which means its like their own kids. Its not just shattering them physically, mentally but you are unscruplously mis-using the trust you have gained on that little heart and people around. Dont they get this feeling - what if something like this happens to my kid?.

There are demons and evils around everywhere. Protecting the child from all forms of evils - the parents due responsibility all through their life. To start with, educate the kids. Dont think there are just kids - they wont understand, they shouldnt know all things - there are good ways to communicate good messages to them so that they can distinguish good from bad. Never underestimate their thinking and mental strength. After seeing this episode, imagine the mental agony of the kids when they could have undergone such abuses. Had you talked to them about this from their very early ages - they would have known that this bad at the very first momemt/touch. They wouldnt have been scared to come and talk to you about this because you were afterall their guru who had explained what do something like this happens. They could well much more secured and protected. The workshop was just amazing!!!!! Thanks to the doctors and team to demonstrate this in such a fun and educative manner. A must watch for every kid along with their parents.

Spoken enough about the emotional part of the episode, as the team pointed out - WE still dont have a law to enforce child abuse as crime and punish. We know how the ugly side of human being reacts or does things even though there are strict laws. It had taken 10 years for the first case to pass through. Lets once again be with Aamir and help him/support him to ensure the parliment passes the bill soon and lets pray that the punishment be really hard so that seeing that nobody gets the guts to play with kids like that.

Adding Music to Emotions - the team knows all the good tactics I should say. The last 5 minutes is the really best part of the show. The Music, the lyrics, the tone, the ambiance - they really take you through the truama the kids had gone through. Its makes you feel, think and act.

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