Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kongsberg to Stavanger....An Inevitable Move

Its been almost 2 months since my previous blog. Nothing happened/inspired to write? or the very usual excuse from a home-maker - where is the time? saying this sitting in front of laptop for more than half of the time you are awake!

There is so much to say, so much to update, so much to plan for 2013 :) - the usual dialog'ah!!!!. Well, first and foremost lets sort this - Am I doing full justice to killingtimeinkongsberg blog right from the title?. Folks in Kongsberg and Stavanger know by now. K in Killingtime and Kongsberg blended well with my mood by then..but now its Stavanger. So does this need a title change?. Having a nomadic husband who loves to explore a new job profile every 2-3 years, I shouldnt have had "the so called place" in my title. But I was just wondering if its Stavanger what would it be right now....SoboringinStavanger?, but i guess you got my mood.

Now comes the much awaited comparison between a beautiful green lushful small town called Kongsberg and A City, beautiful in its own way, with more population, with more opportunities and less friends (as of now...Need to quote Ram's dailog here..."everything takes time"). Being groomed as a homemaker for the last 2 years now (Anu!! What? Is it going to be 2 years now that you left CTS? - I can hear many of you screaming ;)) my obvious inclanation leans towards Kongsberg. I could now easily relate myslef to so many sayings/proverbs - the grass is always more green the other side, you dont know the worth of something until you loose/miss them, Change is the only inevitable thing, so on and so forth.

Shravan's playschool, his godmothers - Gaby and Camilla, his school friends (he keeps rattling all their names now, I never knew he knew all his buddies names :( ), his local friends, his best pals next door - Amough and Gouri, ofcourse my best pal next door as well :), caring neighbours, an extended family of friends, his dearest friend, my dearest friend, the fun of going to playschool in less than 5 minutes, meeting Indian faces everyday, foods when cooked shared, the more joy when you bake something and share with neighbours (well I had an admirer who can say straight on my face, if she doesnt like it :) the cute little princess of kongsberg ;) ), the usual phrases "are you free this weekend, come for lunch/dinner", walking into the Mall and meeting almost half of the Indian crowd - OMG the list goes on!!!. Thank you all the families in Kongsberg who made us feel special, made us feel a part of big community, made us feel there are always friends to cherish and lean upon in need. You are all thoroughly missed!!!

So now you could have guess what we miss in Stavanger :). But every coin has two sides and so is our move to Stavanger. Its a City!!!! More places to hang out, More options while buying things (I have been to more than 5 Shopping Malls in less than a month), More opportunities to explore being a jobhunter, Much better weather, Airport is just around the corner (I know my little sis will be the happiest person to know more Olso to Kongsberg...2 hours of boring and tiring train journey), IKEA is less than 5 kms (I hear a grinn from all the kongsberg ladies) :). Having moved in winter, having no friends nearby, having a great obstacle of climbing up and down 100 stairs to reach home, having playschool 5kms away from home, Do you think anybody would like it?. But I making myself a firm believer of "even this will pass by" :)

Being a relucant change liker (8 years in you need any other proof :), everything looks gloomy to me. Its being a tough process - to transform oneself. Change is always for better - though known theoritically is taking its own sweet time to really get into you. I know for sure say one year down the lane, I will be talking in strong favours of the new place, new people i meet, new opportunities that i get, but still I am in transistional mood. "Comparison" though I never ever like to do is what I am doing all the time these days. This was good there, This is good here, I liked it there, I love this here - I think that is the first step in change, coming out of your comfort zone - DONE. Exploring new opportunities - ONGOING. Utilize/Exploit the change - TO BE DONE :)

But we are really greatful to 2-3 families here, who are making us feel more comfortable, who are helping us find/get more friends, who are making us realise - the change is for better!!!!.

P.S Until the transformation is complete and I get completely soaked in love with Stavanger, the blog title is not going for a change :)/

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