Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Love Letter

LOVE-KISS-HUGS-WANT-MORE - All these FOUR words brings a smile not only outside but inside as well for every human being. Such a delicate subject. Such an important subject. Though cant be expressed fully needs to be communicated now and then. Writing is just one way of expressing the treasured love which latter by itself becomes a tressure. And I have decided to give one such cute little treassure to my dear son on mark of his third birthday which might bring more smile on his face when he reads it at his thirties.

Dearest Little Prince,

29.09.09 (looks like a fancy number ah!!!) seems just like yesterday, probably day before yesterday or a day before, but no its been 3 years now. TIDE FLYR!!!!(Oh yeah!!! its "time flies" in Norwegian :) ). I pinched myself a zillion times to realise this!!! but sometimes you drive us some damn crazy and makes us feel is it just three years now? oh god!! When he will be a big boy on his own!!. But trust me, its just that momemt-thought. You have been such a mischievous cute boy - me and your daddy cherish one or the other funny story behind every thing in the house, in every place around the city, with every person in the city because of your acts, brats and talks!!!!.

First year, you stole our hearts with your smile, then it was your stumbling walks and now its your nonstop talks. Your first birthday was really special to us like any other parents. It was such a joyous moment and we found/invented many reasons - star birthday, actual birthday, party birthday to celebrate and rejoice those momemts. Second birthday - its your dear aunt who made it more special by flying down to Norway tp visit you on your birthday. Now that the expectations have been set high, I decided to write this lovely note to you to mark your three year successful completion of being mischief, naughty, funny, deary and cute - all tripled :)

You are only three and you already have a very dear girlfriend and boyfriend. I really envy your love and affection towards them.It might sound little stupid when I say your dear friend Ms. A (identity not revealed :))) ) as girlfriend, but I guess she is still your best pal from the day 1 we landed in Norway. Both of you mention each other names everyday though you dont see other everyday, the excitement in your voices when we parents call each other to talk something, the smile in your face when dad takes his car to ride you to her place, the running and cuddling you guys do when you meet accidently while shopping or in some friend's place, the sad face when one of you are late for some party while the other is already there and totally ignoring the other kids, though you dont like pink ("mama its a girl color":) ) sometime you end up taking some pinky girly stuff from the shop just to irritate your dad and when we say "its pink and its only for girls" your smart way of tackling dad "its not for me, its for Ms A". Do you think your dad will still have a strict irritated face? not at all, your such a innocent reply melts his strict face to a smiley face :).

You know what (like you already say "vet du hva mama" in Norwegian) we were little stressed or worried parents when we thought "how will my kid manage 3 language at a time?". Your broke the ice by including another language to your curriculam :) yes you can speak little, and understand more of Kanada also. All because of your dear boyfriend Mr. A :). We were always thinking - being boys, you might fight, roll and crawl on each other while playing. You still do that but that softcorner you guys have for each other makes us feel that "oh boy!!! my boy already has a real friend!!!". Each of you get irritated or angry when your respective mama's scream or scold at their son, you guys dont like if somebody else hurts or shouts one of you, the other one scream on your behalf, makes both mamas forget the mistakes you had done. Love your friendship, love the way you guys converse - he asks something in tamil (learnt from you) to you for which you dont reply back in tamil but in kanada (learnt from him), love to see you both holding hands and walking, love to hear both of you scream each other name, love your secret conversations before launching some mischeivous action. Long live your friendship :).

I should mention your dear old friends as well here. your friends from 1940's :). Mr. Donald Duck. I was initially like, its ok if my son watch TV as long as they are rhymes and songs. But that one day where we accidently clicked on one of the Mr. Duck 5 minutes clipping not knowing that we are going to watch him quack quack and quack for the next few months all time :). You wake up with Mr. D, drink your milk with Mr.D and he is on pause until you finish your morning duties in bath, he eats breakfast with you, lunch with you, dinner with you :(. I have to tell "Uncle is tired of quacking, he needs some rest, so lets go to sleep for sometime" in the night to make you say half-heartedly say "bye donald duck". You know the stories by heart, you have your own favourites in the series, you love his nephews as well, his pets - chip and dale and ofcourse his girlfirend Ms. Daisy Duck :).

One fine day, a miracle happened!!!! You waved goodbye to Uncle and Aunty and invited new pets home :). The Awesome Threesome trio started from then on with Tom and Jerry :). You are a big fan of Jerry. According to you, daddy is dog (Mr. Spike), mommy is cat (Mr. Tom) and you are the little brat...oops rat (Mr. Jerry). I really love the way you say "daddy dog, mommy cat and I am Jerry", the clever you :). It happened to be your birthday theme as well - with T&J Invite, T&J cake, T&J decoration and T&J themed return gifts. You thoroughly enjoyed it :). So you have started to increase my suspense meter, god knows what for next birthday.

How can i forget to mention your indespensible part now - your "solv stuffen barnehage" :). I thought after your one week crying, not ready to go, not ready to eat, not ready to play will always cherish but your two months love and bonding with your play school, teachers and friends is bi-folding everyday. Its Gaby's and Camila's world of wonder for you. The magnetic attraction - as soon as you see either Gaby's or Camila's face in the morning, their smile, their open arms ready to throw a tight hug - makes us unlike poles and them like poles - you automatically get attracted to them and walk towards them waving at us without even looking back "ba bye mama" or "ba bye papa". I should really thank those two wonderful ladies who make feel so damn comfortable with the trust that I have handed over my kid to the next safest hand for the next few hours". You have given them the tightest hug, wettest kiss and cutest smile. I am jealous of you ladies for stealing my son for few hours everyday :(. Its not just during the day, your bonding, love and affection continues in the night as well, you dream them or rather talk to them aloud in the night as well. You have made even more friends now crossing borders all across the globe. You make us feel one proud parents when Gaby says "All kids want to play with Shravan", "I likes to play with the small as well with the bigger one". Keep up the spirit, spread happiness wherever you are and be nice and kind to everyone, my dear son :). You are already doing this know without the theortical knowledge (is it genetics ;)))) but share more happiness around.

When you have bring smile on some many faces, we are no exception. Though the very thought of you growing is very true, the motherhood in me or rather the parenthood wants us you to be cuddling, hugging and kissing mischievous little prince always :).