Sunday, May 10, 2015

Unwind #WordsworthWednesday - B Sight Words and Beach games

Welcome back to the second post about Sight words. Love these three months of sun and fun. Although schools are closed for most of the time, summer offers tons of opportunities for practicing skills in an active and fun way. Also remember when teaching them sight words,

Make it achievable
Teach a small number of sight words at a time. If your child is sent home a list of 5 words or 10 words, take your time learning them over the week. To start with, introduce only 2 words. Once those 2 words are mastered, add 2 more. Kids can feel overwhelmed by a whole list of words that they don't know. It's great to build their confidence by having them master a small set at a time.

Make it fun
Kids are often tired after a day at school (particularly at the beginning of kindergarten/prep). To help gain kids' interest in learning after school, it is worth putting some effort into fun activities for teaching sight words.

But now since sun and fun are both out, 

Lets see some of the fun activities we can have while tanning ourselves in the sun

Beach ball - Next time you head to the beach, ensure you don't forget your beach ball. Using a Sharpie permanent marker, write sight words on a beach ball.  Have your child throw the ball in the air and then catch the ball.  Have her read the words that touch her hand. 

 Hopscotch - Hopscotch with a twist!  Create an old fashioned hopscotch board on your sidewalk and write sight words in each square.  Have your child read the sight word each time she hops on a square.

Sand Writing - Shravan loves writing his name in the wet sand all the time we go to beach. We do it everywhere -  when it snows, when we want to tell daddy that our car needs a wash or when we are just out of hot shower in the mirror. So why not use the same technique to learn sand writing? :)

Dig for Rocks - Write the words on stones and bury them in the sandpit or a bucket of sand or in a defined area in the beach. Dig in the sand to find the stones. Read each word as you find them.

Have fun in the sun and here goes the B Sight Words to have fun in the beach :)


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