Thursday, December 31, 2015

Rewind 2015

2015 had been a year of mixed bag emotions. But before we start our throw back 2015, I have few confessions and updates (Its always been the first paragraph of all my blog post isn't? :))

Confession No#1 - Apologies for not doing Unwind series regularly. I should have done it. I got tonnes of good feedback and followers. I knew when I started its time demanding and challenging to keep the blog posts keep coming. But while researching for blog posts my mind was absorbing loads of information and ideas that let to the whole new world of thinking. Me and my little partner found that we were getting more and more hooked to researching about countries and all the fun ways of learning associated with it. So, yes Unwind series is not going to stop but it is going to get a face lift as a separate website and as a product. YES!!!!! We are soon launching geography based product. So you can consider this as Update No#1 as well :)

Update No#2 - We are no longer living only in the world of lego's and cars. We have opened our doors for Barbies and Princesses too by welcoming our little angel SHREYA in May. Did you notice when I had posted last?. So now you guys understand my reason for absence :). Our baby doll is already 7 months now. 

And I finally get some breathing time to blog, create, cook and think beyond diapers and nap times.

Thank god, I didn't change the name of the blog from killingtimeinkongsberg after we moved to Stavanger. Yes!!!! We did another shift this year from Stavanger to Asker :). So I decided to keep the blog name same. Who knows, we might go back to Kongsberg once again. That is  the BIG lesson learnt this year, life is never the same way you expect. Be prepared to embrace the change, adapt and flourish.

Why get attached to a place you left?. Are we missing the 3 years of friendship we developed? Are we missing the busy routines we had there? Are we missing our roots attached there? Well, as I mentioned in the beginning, its a mixed bag. Especially after buying your own apartment which you bought after "love at first sight". The whole process of bank evaluation, house search, layout discussion, bidding, giving that YES nod, furnishing, shopping was an awesome experience. Lucky our tenants enjoying the little home we built with so much joy and care. We are the family who loves Darwin theory of "survival of the fittest". We have already started adding loads of love and decor to our new nest here in Asker. 

Our Prince Charming schooling is the whole reason behind this series of activities. It just looks like yesterday that I left in a playschool with a grieving heart. But now he is a six year old handsome boy going to grade 1. We knew he will adjust and start liking the shift just like the previous moves but he just not only made it he aced it. He is now thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of his school, friends, weekend and after school activities. What more does a freaking mother wants other than that smile on our kid's face both before leaving and coming from school. So trust God, Always all goes well in his plan.We just need to execute it without doubting him.

The baby, the shift, the new school, the new routine left his little or literally no time to explore a new country this year except for a 2 hours transit in Dubai airport (hahaha). But we did get loads of time to spend with friends. Friends were like god sent angels who were helping us like our own siblings during the pregnancy, the house shift, furnishing the new house, and what not. We always pat our backs for winning the hearts of so many good people. And when you live away from your family, Friends are Family. We are all geared up to catch up with our exploration to new countries in 2016 with the passports and residence card for the little darling just arrived.

Well, all along 2015 where I was staying home most of the time and running like a headless chicken trying to keep my offspring's happy, clean, disciplined and busy, a lot of thinking, researching, studying and experimenting was going along in the left side of my little brain. The all new geography kit, relaunch of online jewelry store, our new found love towards board games and puzzles, exploring new mediums of crafting and the desire to explore vegetarian cuisines  across the globe is definitely going to keep us busy in the year 2016. And oh yah, I have to get back to my routine 8-4 day job sometime soon!!!. 

With so many good things happening either planned or unplanned, the one thing I miss the most - my piece of heart in India. Yes, my little niece (let me call her niece so that you guys don't get shocked when I say my other daughter). When I last saw her in Jan 2015, she was literally a little bundle rolling on the bed but now she is a running angel who is keeping everybody around her on their toes just because she has learnt that art of keeping her toes on the floor. How much I missed watching her rolling, crawling, standing, walking and now running has no words to explain in spite of seeing her doing everything over picture and videos.

Wishing all my dear friends, family and followers a very happy and prosperous 2016!!!. Stick to your goals, be happy and keep people around you happy. 

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