Friday, May 8, 2015

Unwind #TuesdayTravel - Denmark Part 1

Before we move from Canada to Denmark and know why Denmark this time, we promise we will share our Canada Lapbook soon

Now that we have learnt most of the things about Canada (for his age :)) we had the discussion of what next? First we wanted to do USA, then he changed his mind to India and then suddenly he wanted more LEGOs (trust me, my boy is a LEGO freak, I will try to make a collage of all his legos and share in his Denmark lapbook), there was the usual hungama at home. finally he announced OK, I want to go to Legoland (he is  just 5.5 years, and have been there twice already), when we said you need to wait another year or so for the third trip, he declared OK let me start learning Denmark. And thats how we travelled from Canada to Denmark.

As usual lets begin with identifying Denmark on the World map and Europe Map. If you have a handy Globe in their desk, start using that as well. A 3D view really helps. (For Folks in Norway, TGR shop has a Globe Sharpner for 20NOK, if you are looking for a cheaper version).

Next is Flag. Here you go with the coloring pages and some fun activities related to flag.

Denmark and no LEGOs ;)

You can try to do the Denmark Flag as well using Hama Beads similar to the one we tried in Canada.

and here we go with simple word search 

If your kids love puzzles (For us, having Puzzles, Legos, Hama Beads and Coloring Pages are MUST :))

Check out this online jigsaw puzzle

Keep exploring Denmark with your kid, we will be next week with more crafts :)

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