Wednesday, July 10, 2013

60 minutes of non stop fun - Our Litte Hero's first theatre experience

60 minutes of darkness, excitement, fun and ofcourse little patiance( if you arent really excited the same way when you walk in). Did you get some clue???
Let me help you little more. Actually the excitement begins few minutes before the real excitement. The deciding factor to know whether we will really witness the fun or not.
Well maybe not, we need (or rather I had) some prep work as well.Do I have a choice after having "I know what I want to eat" kid
and I have waited for almost 2 (should I say 3) years to experience this.
Oh yeah!!! Viola!!!! We went to theatre for the first time with our little hero. To add more fun, its a cartoon and you want more fun...Its a norwegian cartoon film :)
and this is the movie that we (or rather I) will cherish forever

We decided on a friday evening that we shall visit tommorrow the not yet visited SFKino....well yeah thats the theatre name. As usual with just some thoughts in mind, saturday 2 hours before the show, my english/tamil only speaking hubby pulled out of the game once we finalised on a cartoon movie (come on!!! Its my kiddos first movie, so it has to be cartoon, any doubts!!!!) and when we found its only norwegian and it costs 100Kroners (around 1000 Indian Rupees) even for the kid, we decided for once to be wise parents and so the norwegian speaking (hehehehe!!!) members of the family were chosen to go out and have some fun over the weekend.

The D'Day

After the usual weekend laziness and the excitement to do something over the weekend, we quickly finished our brunch, made the prep for the intermission (What Else, POPCORNS!!! Can you image that they cost another 100NOK, see we are wise again) and got our naught hotty ready.

The minute we reached the parking lot, the very usual things from kids....I heard you!!! you are absolutely right....."Mama, I want to go to the restroom", now where the hell they have a restroom in parking space, so the supposed to be fun ride started as a 5 minutes troublesome ride until we hit the theatre. And you rush to the restroom, first to just get releived, he physically, I emotionally!!!!!

The the usual stuff - buy the tickets, get  some clicks and there we go in.

He was super excited when we went inside, it was little dark, not pitch dark as they are yet to close the doors and he saw too many kids around, he kind of felt happy. And then the little brain did a lots of maths, stats and what not before he decided on Seat number 3 for him and 4 for me :)). Now we are settling around, we still have some more time, lot of ads and trailers were going on and then he starts "Can I have my popcorn now?". I thought they were for intermission so I kind of tried to explain "Can we eat them little later", and then he declares NO and before he launches his audition release, I oblidged :)

So this boy happily settled with his box of pops even before the movie started.

and believe me, the box was finished even before the movie started (OK Ok, he did offer me some). And he was like "What else you have in your bag?". Then I take charge and say "You need to wait until the movie starts". So its not things to eat now but time for things to know "How many kids are there in the theatre?", "Why had that kids papa here and not mine", "Will you bring me here often?", "We came to see what?", and then again "I dont want to eat, but just tell me what is in your bag?". and Thank you God, the movie started.

It was a good cartoon for the kids, the characters were Cars and Animals, so it was really interesting for all. And as the story slowly unfolded, so did our boxes of cookies and chocolates. Next time I think I need to spend more on prep time as he doesnt need things to eat just during the intermission but all through the way.

And when the last cookie was munched, he declared, "mama, lets go home!!!!". There was atleast another 20 minutes still. So I try to impress him with the story, he is like "I want to see papa". Then i said, Its dark until the movie completes so you cant go out, (Oh gosh, did I really told him its dark, i thought he kind of forgot that :( Silly me), "yes mama, its dark but its day outside, come lets go", then I tell him if you standup from your seat, there is a monster waiting right behind you, he suddenly gets up from his seat and runs "Where is the monster, I want to fight". Now, he wants to go home, he is running around, he is screaming. So All is not well at that point of time and the much planned excitement and fun started becoming a nightmare.

The last 10 minutes, I dont know what attracted him towards the screen, he became a good boy and sat down, oh no no!!! he wanted to lie down "Mama, sleepy!!! I want to sleep". And we just had last few minutes he declared "mama, restroom", So easy you see to have a very good reason to go out!!!. What a timing, the movie juz finished and even before the first set of names could come on the screen, we were the first mom-son running out of the theatre.

And while walking back hom "Mama, I really like it!!! Shall we do this every weekend?" and then I humbly tell him, "Next time, its papa's turn" see, I proved wise again!!!!!

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