Monday, January 27, 2014

Rewind 2013 - Part 1

Another year passed by like a whirlwind and I just realised this little Space of mine was left unattended for almost 4-5 months now. Not good at all!!!!!! but I am in no mood for any blame game because its still January and I can start fresh, revisit my bucketlist, set new goals or whatever I like.
well then why not a quick recap of fast and fantastic 2013 be the first (Just like last time, well am I setting any trend here? because i dont want to :)) as I am not good enough to keep it going.
The year started with cold breezy winter and all I did most of the January was to pack my boys, get some quick breakfast, run through the new channels and then finally land in website. Well, to the people outside Norway its a one stop website for everything you want. When I say everything, does it include job? :) You Guessed it right!!!!!!Initially I had some criterias and strategies for applying, but as days solidified my strategies began to liquify :). Its login, apply relavant, somewhat relavant, Could be relevant and not relevant at all :)
Trust me, it did work :) and it was just the beginning of February when I got a Telephone Call from an HR just within 30 mins of applying. I can hear,what in 30 mins??? from all the folks around here in Norway as the usual turn around time is atleast 30 days :) So can I take the previledge or should I say pride  of being Lucky (atleast once!!!!). The month of February was short (yes literally short for me :) - 2 rounds of interview with1 week of intensive PL/SQL (self) training between the two rounds.
The entire March was spent gazing at the post box for my work permit. Well thats a whole different story, so let me not start whinning about it here :) and a quick trip to our very favorite town, Kongsberg for a week to laugh, share, crib,complain, fun with few of my very deary girls out there. I missed gossips!!!! come on, then the trip is incomplete. What say Girls? :)
So once again I became a full time software engineer in April 2013. Priorties started changing or were challenged. Finding time to quick 3 simple meals was more acknowledged compared to that one fancy dish I researched, cooked, styled and photographed once a week while at home.
With so much happening, dont you think we deserve a small break to share all the fun, happiness with the beloved Family back in India? Ofcourse we did it!!! 3 weeks vacation within the first 2 months of employement (hehehehe!!! know you can start thinking what a generous boss I have :) wait for more surprises). and Our Fifth wedding anniversary was happily spent with a Diamond ring and braclet :) what more does a girl need :) (No, No I still have some Platinum to shop).

The month of June was ruled by alarm clock (and so it is till now).When sending Shravan to playschool and going to Office all the 5 days was so damn challenging, I started my evening Norwegian course twice a week. (Once again, generously sponsered by my company, Oh yeah!!! It was one on one) Did I mention that my kiddo got super adjusted, learnt to say bye in the morning without any whinning, wait patiently (ofcourse some cookies or muffins to munch in) until I Cook dinner in the evenings, bid bye once again in the evenings when I had my courses.
July was more of holidays rather than working (well for most of Norway). It was 3 weeks off for Shravan and his dear mother couldnt stay with him (God damn!!! why the hell did we took that 3 weeks vacation in May :(  but as i mentioned my sweet pod made a quick and sweet friendship with a mom-daughter duo which was a double blessing to me. And we managed to have some serious fun over the weekends. Two long roadtrips - Lysebotn and Kinsarvik (jump to facebook and check out my albums as Pictures speaks more than Words) !!! OMG!!! It was so much fun. We should do more of these this year.
How about making this as two post? I dont want all you guys spend too much time reading my ramblings and have "whats new here, it happens in every house" kind of grim on your face and "this girl talks too much" thought on your mind
But to hear more about our Switzerland trip, yet another trip to India, D-day of my lovable sister, A move within Stavanger, Shravan's evening fun activities and about my yet another blog Space....did I say Food blog, no right!! because I want to keep it Secret for little more time (well actually spend little more time to improve my designing skills)  - STAY TUNED!!!! Part 2 in a day or two!!!!

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