Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Divide the work to Multiply the fun

"Tadatata..Tadatata...ta" "Tadatata..Tadatata...ta" grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....search for it inside your blanket, underneth your pillow or sometimes even on the floor.You guessed it right, I am searching for my mobile to bang it so that it can stop screaming that its 5.30AM in the morning. But dont dare to peep outside the window or slide your curtains, its summer time in Norway, so Mr.Sun is already out there waving good morning with a big smile :)
"What!!!Its already 5.30AM!!!!" (very rare though!!!) "Oh gosh!!! I am missing the luxury of being a full time mom" (very frequent actually) . As the saying goes, grass is more greener the other side, so do I feel.But changes are always good. Ikke sant? (hehehehe...it means isnt it in Norwegian.)
Let me quickly tell you all about my job, its called Senior IT Consultant. Sounds like an experienced job title right. But you know what, after my 2 years of funfilled break with my kiddo, i really literally forgot most of the stuff (When did you knew something in the first place...I can hear some of my team members murmuring when reading this ;) ). I have done (forced to do so)) a technology shift with the hope and knoweldge that i have gained as a database programmer. Ok not so bad, you can manage. But did I tell you the medium of communication (oral, written, draw, walk, and everything under the roof)  is Norwegian. aaaaaah now its becoming interesting right!!!! It is, trust me!!!!!
So ok you wanted a job (desparately!!hehehehe), Mainframe programming is not such a appealing or interesting profile for Norwegians IT folks. Infact, I couldnt find a single organization in my 3 months hunt which knew or wanted mainframe skill. Now I can proudly say I know a rare skill (which is of no value here). Ok, but that cant stop me. Count that as Challenge number one. So the hunt became more vigourous and widened up to related technologies. So if at all you manage to match something similar, the first question they ask when they pick up the phone, snakker du norsk?. That just doesnt mean you speak norsk, it means do you walk, talk, eat and sleep in norsk. so that was challenge nummer tu :). So, how did you convince them? I can hear so many caring curious voices :) - I just managed to do it. I presume my profile did most of the talking plus me talking litt norsk here and there convincing them i know ABCs, I will soon start words and sentences.
So ok I now have a job. I am going to quickly skip the funny part of Visa confusion we had which bought me another one month salary of more fun and more laughter of being a fulltime mom. It was like, I have the visa, but i think i dont have types. So that became (i shouldnt say became, i think i made it!!!) challenge number three.
Then, one fine day phone rings, all the confusions have been cleared and we just agree to start work from the next day. Pinch me now!!!
and pinch me again, because its already one month as a full time employee + full time mom now. When getting a job itself could be so challenging, wouldnt be more fun executing them, it is!!!!
We are learning to be more punctual (like i explained how i react for the alarm in the morning..hehehe), more systematic (I need to catch the bus at 6.45AM...its ok next one is it 7 ;)), more organised, more planned in scheduling the work and school so that we can have more fun and time together in the evenings and the weekends at their bestest.
Did I tell you, by the time we realise we have some routines and schedules to be followed, TA-DA, its vacation time!!! India, Grandpa, Grandma, Aunts and Uncles, here we come. So lets talk about being organised and managing ones passions after another month, what say???

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