Monday, March 18, 2013

Living the Life of Legends

When I say Legends...Did Gandhi, Subash Chandra Bose, Mother Terassa flashed in your mind?. They are all definitely role models in everybody's everyday life. Though we cant try to be like them, we try to enact atleast one single act everyday which reminds us of them. In today's complicated world, I presume its difficult for many human beings to be them or follow their footsteps. Either you should be generous to unsee the challenges faced because of the consequences or strong enough to handle more pressure and stress.

See how difficult it seems to be a legend. No wonder they are Legends :). Well, Now lets see this whole legend thing from a perspective of a three year old kid. (You got my point, I am not going to do some serious talks here :)). Does my kiddo know Gandhi - YES, Does my kiddo know Terassa - YES. I have shown him all theirs photographs. He knows them as person. If I try to explain him about them, Do you think he will able to understand? -No. So according to him, they are just some old grandpa and grandma as of now. I should not be surprised if he questions me "mama, who's grandparents are they?". I think thats the only thing that small superfast brain can think as of now.

So who are his legends?. He not only knows them but likes to live like them and he is living like them. How did these super human beings make a such a super impression on these small souls. Did you catch my clue? - I hear all moms screaming..Oh!!!!Ben 10? Spiderman? Superman? Batman? - Mommys are genius :)). What surprises me more is sometimes Tom, the cat Jerry, the mouse, Scooby, the dog, all becomes his superhereos and he just want to be like them.

Like anyother mommy of just born or one year old kid, "how can these parents be so irresponsible and leave these small kids in front of the TV for such a long hours?" "What on earth these parents are busy with, cant they sit and play with their kids?", - I have told all of these and now I am - "are you telling me all these? - wait for your kid to be 3-4 year old toddler," thats what I would say. I have learned it in a tough way, DO NOT BLAME THE PARENTS FULLY :)

Ok, now parents arent to be blamed, kids are too young to be blamed, so who takes this blame now?. - As of now lets safely park them on CARTOON CHANNELS. I dont think my parents will ever complaint that I was hooked to television at the age of 3, not even 7-8 I guess. So as grandparents, Its a real surprise to them :). But does the channel pops up on its own? :). As I mentioned, we as parents are responsible partially. So from no blame, I take 50% responsibility now.

Technology is advancing in an amazing pace. And no doubt because these small kids know already how to keep them technically well connected. If I say "Enough, Ben10 is gone home to do his homework. come lets read or play something" my smart kiddo "Mama, He has gone from TV to laptop, switch on the laptop, lets catch him there". Ok, as any other compelled mama, I put an episode in youtube and then tell him "Come on!!! Its time to sleep. Let me read you some story book so that you can sleep" and he is like "ok mama!!!" (for a minute I feel glad and relaxed, but he didnt complete his sentence ;)) "lets watch some rhymes on your mobile phone, lets read ABCs there". Once again another compelled situation. No mommy want her son to go to bed weeping. And you know what, he overheard some of our conversation and eagerly waiting for iPad :). Its as simple as that, Its just another playtoy for him.

Do you think all these drama and fun just ends within four walls?. Not at all!!!! Did you forget the "REKLAME" which means advirtisements :). He knows exactly what toys he want to play with, What we should gift him, Which toy is available in which shop, Is it for boys or girls, their knowledge is wealth, but not all parents are wealthy enough to keep such kids happy :). He is one happy kiddo who loves his friday evening shopping. Happy Mom, Happy Son, Very Very troubled Daddy!!!!

My little prince started with Dinosaurs (Such a scary start). These really big creatures were his first pals. I still remember watching Jurassic Parts 1 to 3 back to back on long weekends. He can tell you atleast 5-6 dinosaur names when he was just 2 years!!!. Then we had some mood swings - from really scary to something really funny - Uncle Donald Duck and his three troublesome nephews. After watching almost 100 different episodes and after scrolling almost 10 to 20 pages in youtube we decided to chase Tom and Jerry. It kept him glued because there is so much of an action, chase, rattling things and there was Spike. Like any wellwisher if you approach this small boy and tell him "Do not watch Tom and Jerry, they are always fighting", the next moment he starts fighting with them saying "You are not my friend (ne en friend'eh ella)". So as nobody wanted to befriend him, they decided to sit back and just laugh with him.

Now he is 3.5 years old, a big boy, as he claims!! so Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry do visit us once in a while after we are very tired fighting with a monster. He was a spiderman few months back. His T-shirt has to be spiderman, his tracks has to be spiderman, his lunchbox is spiderman, his drinking flask is spiderman, we paint spiderman, we colour spiderman, we write spiderman (No ABCs, straight Spiderman), we sing Spiderman title song also as rhymes and we have a Spiderman dress!!!. He is still called as Spiderman in his playschool. So he plays with spiderman toys in school, his teacher draws him spider, spiderman tatoos in his hands, he wears spiderman dress at home, he watches spiderman cartoons, he eats in spiderman plate, drinks from spiderman flask - Is he not living the life of his legend?

Who said we cant live the life of two legends together?. When we adults struggle too much to be little as nice as our legends, these kiddos prove they are smarter and more capable than us. Yes, my son manages to be both Ben 10 and Spiderman these days. Whom to follow, depends on the kind of monster he meets :). He have started shopping Ben10 toys, we already have a Ben10 T-shirt and we are eagerly waiting for our Ben10 watch as a gift from his aunt.

and the saga will continue......

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