Monday, January 28, 2013

Padam Pakalama? - Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya

First thing that came to my mind - what!! Is this the title name?. Well, before we research more on the title, let me quickly translate this to my non-tamilian friends, it literally mean "Dear, do you have a desire to eat sweets?" and generally means, "are you tempted?". This was a punch dialogue in one of the commercials - Cadburys' dairy milk shots. Well, from the title it reveals that this is supposed to be a comedy movie. Ofcourse, with Santhanam and Power Star in the cast, you cant expect anything serious from them, other than some serious comedy.

Lets talk about the crew, Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya has rather garnered interesting levels of curiosity not because of its title but because of the star cast it boasts of. Power Star!!! Always assumed he was a some self-proclaimed(ofcourse, thats what he does:)) actor with a crazy self title "Power Star". BTW, to some not so movie-maniac like me, his real name is Srinivasan. (My Grandfather is also Srinivasan :)) Have seen some of his banners while in India, it really brings a smile on your face - his attire, his style, his smile, oh no I am not praising him here ;) I assume you got what I try to explain. Santhanam, joining the line of comidian pyramid - ok ok for some time, peak for very short time and again ok ok for more time. Its too early, but I am already little bored of this guy. There is another hero being introduced in the movie, Sethu - Looks wise OK, acting wise OK. So I am sure he will get another movie chance to prove his drama, action and romance. Nice to see Kovai Sarala after a long time. Oh yeah!!! There is Simbhu in special appearance and there is VTV Ganesh. But dont worry, they dont meet each other in the movie :). Vishakha Singh is the female lead.

Storyline - When you cant expect this from Big directors with serious message, come on its a comedy film, all you need is non stop laughter - be it emotional, be it romantic or be it a fight sequence - everything is supposed to make you laugh!!!. Storyline simple "Three Close friends, Jobless, One girl comes as Neighbour, three becomes Romeo's, Attempts to win Girl's heart, Girl Bandha, Ask to Impress, Girl in Love with someone else, Three Musketeers becomes heroes, One becomes real hero". The story is not new and it is old wine in new bottle. Remember "Indru Poi Naalai Vaa"???.But it is the out and out comedy track which keeps the movie going nonstop.

Songs - No comments!!! they were all fast forwarded at 8xx speed.

Dailogues - Yes, not as bad as I expected!!!. Some really good punches by Santhanam and Power Star. Best of Santhanam - When his Music Master asks him to practice more so that Shruthi will come, he asks for "will Kamal sir also come?". Best of Power Star - When the girl says she loves Simbhu, Power asks "What is there with Simbhu, which he doesnt have?". These are few to name. But almost every other dialogue in the movie brings a smile on your face. One of the dailogue in the movie says - Power star power is to see all his negatives as his postives. How true!!!. He is not all that bad as that I thought before watching the movie. He can be given some more chance to prove himself. Its not Surprising, he is acting in one of the Shankar's movie.

All said, If you really want to kill time without knowing how did 2.5 hours go - this movie is worth a watch!!!. I would give 3/5. Had this had some good songs, its definitely a must watch movie.

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