Monday, January 7, 2013

No Promotion, But a Huge Incentive

I guess the title reveals it all :). Another year passed by so damn fast like a tornado. Like how Dec 6th is memorable, nicely matching the sequence Jan 7th has become another day of memoirs.

Jan 7th 2011 - just releaved Senior Software Engineer, Super excited mom, dreamer with so many (still unaccomplished) dreams, supposed to be a perfect housewife. Jan 7th 2012 - I was a software engineer, still a super excited mom (but little tired running behind my terrible troublesome (but definitely funsome) toddler, dreamer with some plans in planning, some in analysing, some in designing and yet nothing being implemented, and a not so bad housewife. Jan 7th 2013 - (First thing it comes to mind - OMG!!!! Dont tell me its already 2 years) - I am a software engineer looking for a job, bored at home mom (Oh yeah!!! My kiddo is more busy than me these days), dreamer has successfully implemented one plan - Anuhya Jewelry and a  not-prefer-to-be-a-.housewife. Anybody wants to guess what could be on stock for Jan 7th 2014?. I am sure its a real wildcard to guess all the 4 in sequence to be rightly guessed. (Remind me folks!!! I should come back here on Jan 7th 2014 to really update as to what I am. This is making me super-excited now.)

Let me try to be little optimistic here and see from growth perspective - Got loads of time to activate my left brain. Learned lots of craft (There is a surprise store in plan :), Started thinking beyond idly,Dosa,Sambhar and Rasam, oh yeah how can i forget my Norwegian skills. Jeg kan snakke,skrive and lese norsk mye bedre na :), my PRINCE2 certification - Not bad, I guess I have covered both non-technical and little technical this year compared to last year. Trip to Legoland will be in our memories all-time - More than the fun Shravan had on the park, he becomes super excited and starts screaming by recollecting everything he did when he sees Reklame (Oh yeah it means Advertisement in Norsk).

But inspite of exploring a lot of things, I think I should become little more serious in one or two planned item and got into action. (I know I know, I shouldnt go out and say I am fit to manage projects ;). So I get a chance to quote something "Better late than Never". Photography is one thing which i didnt really persue as seriously as I planned. (Do go and check my another photoblog "One Click Everyday"). Any real photographer will laugh at me and say "so what was special in your photograph? Did you know whats the aperture size of this photo? what was the ISO? Did you do White Balance? Is  light falling properly on the lens?.", I can answer all these questions so simply by just a smile :). "Think beyond mainframes" - this was a thought which came very late or got highlighted very recently. So I dont regret much, but if I think now, I had two full years in hand, I should have visualized "this" day "those" days.

Good or bad, I absolutely have no regrets for having left my job - Everyday with Shravan still liggers in my soul just like yesterday. You guys know, what is our very recent timepass - open an album, recollect the story but narration is always by shravan and then there is a laughter riot.

Now that the pros and cons has been quickly scanned, Its time to get into action. Wishing all my fellow friends a vey happy, properly planned and successful new year. Oh yeah, I am on twitter these days. If you are there too, add me @anutweets

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