Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another year passed by!!!

It just look like yesterday :) thats what we keep saying as we age every year. As one of my cousin rightly said, Birthday comes with no surprise or delay. Every year means something special to us. Good and bad memories comes in bundle every year. Well, last year was more of fun I should say, I was a busy Mom for my dear Shravan, I have spent all 11 months with him and mostly with him only. Going for a stroll, Watching cartoons, Playing with toys, Reading books, Littering the house with food items, Cleaning and Cooking is what all we did - Werent we busy ? :))
With Shravan's arrival I became a responsible mom and that to after moving to Norway I became/had to become more responsible. With all the three meals to be cooked at home (I hate Norway for this - No restaurant at all, except for Pizzas) I became a better cook. The luxury of Maids!!!! is gone. I still laugh at my India maid's concern on the first call I made "enna ma...vettu velai ku aalu kedaichitangala?" I loved her concern :) But yes I did find one, or found one within me :((. So what more can you ask from a typical home-maker...Baby sitting, cooking and cleaning is most of our routines.
"Let me do something useful", "Let me try my hand at this",etc...I guess this keeps ringing in all the idle minds at home and so did this in 10A Bussedalan as well (Thats my house address ;) ). I have started to explore few of my interests now. Every time I google to learn more about one thing, I start getting interest on something else new. I started to google Origami, I ended up loving Quilling. I wanted to paint - now I am doing on Glass, fabric and also with coffee :). The love for making my own jewelery and just keep making to gift my sister is another new passion. I have started balloon sculpting for shravan. Vegetable Carving is something I am still in gazing youtube stage. Knitting and Threading is always there on the list. Lets see how much of quality time I spend on these in the years to come :)
The long pending trip to Paris happened this year :). It was on the big list of 2008 Europe tour. Our very sorry story of losing our passports in Italy needs a mention here as well. What we planned as a honeymoon trip happened atlast as Shravan's second birthday treat :). My sister's trip here to Norway again was another "always cherished days".
Oh yeah!!! I am a software engineer, I keep telling myself this once in a while so that I dont forget the SDLC, meetings, onsite calls, deliverables, quality, status report (Oh god!!! I am not getting any other terms). I will be starting my work in the third quarter, but PMP before that :). This blog has become more like my yearly appriasal with future goals. I guess indeed it is!!! This is a good exercise to refresh my appraisal writting skill :). So how is going to review my appriasal, ofcourse its YOU!!!!
So If I continue blogging regularly, you can soon see a post next year with more updates from my personal, professionals and passional life.
P.S Forgot to mention, the much awaited snow showed up finally on my birthday. There is a saying right - It rains in the land where good people are born, I guess for Norway, Its snow in the land when good people are born :)

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  1. Ahem Ahem. Snow in the land of good people, is it?? :D. Between, loved the coffee painting. :)