Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ready to Blo(u)g

Its been exactly 10 months now......break from being a software engineer running around resources to get things done, starring (or rather working) computers atleast 10 hours a day, travelling 2 hours everyday to reach my work place, missing all the fun my son does at home, even more sad part is my sister enjoying every momemt with him and narrating all the fun they had when I reach home with a such a tired face(Its been a tough day hah!!, Yeah all 5 working days weree the same :( )!!!!! Then came an enlightment....Courage to take a break from work, passion to persue things that pleasures me and of course the motherly affection...SHRAVAN...is that magical word. Hurray!!! I am going to be a full time mom...just for shravan and only shravan the next one year....well this is how I turned from a software engineer to a full time mom.........not knowing what is going to happen :))

P.S I Quickly sent this to Mr. Ram (my dear husband and my full time senior manager for next 1 year). I expected his reaction - "madam, where is the mention of your care-taker, fund provider etc etc?".So let me try to be little humble here and say a thanks to him for supporting me,(financially..hehehe) troubling me (make me cook 3 times a day!!! :( ), annoying me (all day in office and busy with remotes and laptop in the evening), helping me (dont assume big things here...its all like switching off the light, closing the windows, Ram...I know I am mean here :)) ) and ofcourse loving me :))

Well...Why blogging after 10 months now???....I was that typical working home changing to home-maker....boasting myself to my friends, when at home - I will read more now, I can make it to the gym everyday, I will try all types of cooking, I will watch all the good tv programs,movies etc, Persue some serious hobbies. Do lot of travelling, Do some good photography and ofcourse 24*7 around Shravan. On the whole, I will be a happy person keeping people around me more happy!!!!

But What really happened?....Read more - I dont even get time to read newspaper everyday. Gym - I visited yesterday after a solid one month break with no good reason. Cooking - the routine!!! Its the apt word to describe now. Tv programs,movies - forget TV programs, Movies...the latest movie I watched is "DABAANG" in Hindi and "MYNAA" in Tamil. Hobbies - I have a storey of things still unpacked to start the work. Travelling - Oh Yeah Yes!!! everyday to the different supermarkets to buy groceries. Photography - Its only SHRAVAN all the time :).

Have I become lazy not doing what I wanted to do?. Am I cribbing for not continouing work? Is my husband not supporting?. Is my son troubling me too much?. Have I become less organised?. Have I lost interest? - When you are angry, all these questions will be answered "YES" but when you really sit back and think (hehehe...that only when shravan sleeps in the afternoon and fortunately I dont fall asleep before him :)) most or all of them will be answered "Not really".

So, to see, feel and share what it is being a full time mom is all this blog about. I will start sharing some of the happy moments with Shravan and Ram, the daily routine (I shall ensure not too much though), the good clicks, the new places, my gastronomical journey, my new releases in the craft corner and other things that comes up in the list (and few things that might drop down from the list :) )


  1. follow the race :)WE would definitely be more organised when life demands that hectic routine with juggling roles!! but very soon your idle mind will let you explore various avenues that you would not have imagined from you; a break from the cornered life starring at codes, sending forwards, scheduling meetings and feeling guilty at the EOD :) all the best dear ...

  2. Now i see the need for a new gift.. :)